Why do short weeks always feel so loooong!! This momma is ready so bring it on!!! Tonight I’ll be either making the Quick N Easy Lasagna or the Skinny Spinach Alfredo Lasagna, depending on when I can get to the store. MM slept until 8am so we are shooting for one big nap today!! I posted dinner last night, I ended up calling it Sweet Meatloaf Cupcakes, no they aren’t sweet, but it’s made with potatoes & Butternut Squash so it was a good name for it…..sooo yummy!!

Tomorrow my mom, grandmother, aunt and sis are coming for lunch to see boo. We are excited. I’m going to be making the Salsa Roll Ups and Crispy Nutty Goat Cheese Bites. Then for dessert Cupcakes in a Jar (well cup for me because I can’t find jars!!) I’ll be getting my crockpot back tomorrow too, I can now complete my 7 day withdrawel program LOL!! Not sure what I’ll be making tomorrow night, I want to try a Wedding soup, maybe I can do that in the crock….maybe I’ll make a simple Chicken Casserole since my hubby is playing hockey tomorrow night!! YAY!! I’m so happy he’s FINALLY doing something for himself, he works so much then wants to spend every second he can with me and Madison, well of course he would, I get a lot of time away because I’m home with her all day, so If I didn’t make that time to get out without her I’d go mad, I did a few wks ago when it had been weeks since I had been out w/o and I did go mad!! Anyways hockey, the guys, me, wine, lifetime……..happy couple!

What about Oscar Sunday guys?? Making anything good? I’m not sure yet but I think I’d really like to try the Skinny Mozzarella Sticks…Been dying to try them. Maybe the Baked Chicken Nuggets to go with them? Make sure you stop over at my Appetizer-Party Fav section if your thinking of making something yummy for the Oscar’s!

Have you ever watched the show Whitney? OMG it’s hilarious….if you have never watched it spend a Saturday or Sunday on Demand it and curl up on the couch and be prepared to have your abs hurt from giggling. I just love their personalities, I’m watching the one where they go back in time to tell the story of how they met. Or how about the one when Whitney tries a new bra that “inhances” her….well everything OMG I can’t stop laughing because I’m watching it right now LOL!!!  Do it……I’m telling you check it out. Then again I did ask my sister if she watched it because it’s so her style……..and she does! LOL.