Hey their everyone!

Sunday finds me yet again LOL….this momma had a great weekend, I didn’t get to make everything I wanted to, mostly because my expectations are always so much bigger than one momma can handle!!

Friday night I took some time to myself and ate out with a girlfriend that seems to be stuck in a rut these days. I hate seeing my friends hurt, I can’t do much but I can lend an ear…….and a glass of wine or two!! Then I met up with some of my other momma friends, that’s always a fun time.

Saturday Boo and I headed to the store to pick up the things we needed to make some Salsa Roll Ups and a Dessert for the ladies in my family that came over for lunch. The Roll Ups were a hit, they loved them, it’s not a hard thing to make so it’s good to see that something easy can go a long way. I made the Cupcakes In a Jar for dessert but had to twist a few things since I didn’t have all the time that I wanted. I had to buy the cupcakes, use cups, so I assembled them like this:

Bottom of the Cupcake (Cut the Cupcake under the top part)
2 Tbsp of Light Whipped Cream
2 Chopped Strawberries
Sprinkle of mini chocolate chips
2 Tbsp of Light Whipped Cream
Top part of the Cupcake
2 Pcs of Strawberry pieces on top

They were a hit, everyone liked them (douvered them) Though my husbands is still sitting in the fridge because he played hockey last night, however I know it won’t go another day in their!!

I had some great alone time with my sis which was nice, we don’t get to catch up much. I miss our talks we used to have a lot when I lived at home.

Now it’s Super Sunday!! My hubby likes to do things with Madison on Sundays, sometimes they venture out sometimes they stay home or sometimes we venture out together. Today they are off to Lowe’s to look at Grills and then to the camp to get some measurements and tools. Sooo this Momma got to work in the kitchen!! Making the Broccoli Quiche for my boo, she starts daycare this week (AHHHH) so I’m trying to be prepared.


I also made a new recipe because my husband said he wanted to eat more healthy and incorporate more salads into our meal so I bought some different kinds of leafy greens this week. I bought some Broccoli Rabe, which I’ve been dying to try and some Endivine, I guess it’s a kind of lettuce. So I made a Meatball & Broccoli Rabe Stoupyes Stoup, I thought it was a typo too but I guess a “Stoup” is thicker than a soup, but thinner than a “Stew”.  It was AWESOME!! It seemed a little overwhelming at first however it wasn’t hard once I dug in!! I also attempted a cheesy bread LOL, I’m destined to figure out Domino’s Cheesy bread recipe because it’s so stinken YUMMY!!! I found a yummy recipe on line however it was starting from scratch and I already had the pizza dough so I wasn’t about to make it myself so I attempted to give it a shot anyways. You pretty much just twist the dough and splash olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese (I even threw some red pepper in it) baked it for half the time, pulled it out, sliced a little into each twist of the bread and stuck in a chunk of Mozzarella into it and baked it the rest of the time, splashed more oil onto it and cut it. Mozzarella probably wasn’t the right choise but I guess you have to try things to figure it out!!


So what’s up for the week, well I have a Pork Tenderloin I’d like to do something different with because I’m sick of the same recipes with that. I have Turkey Breasts and I’m going to be making the Fajhita recipe I found from someone on a group I belong in on Facebook. It’s a Turkey Fajita Recipe, I’ve had Turkey Breasts in my fridge for awhile now that I’d like to use. I also have Chicken so I’ll be making some kind of chicken dish too, I’ll have my new crockpot too so you know I’ll be breaking that in!!

Also tomorrow stay tuned for a discussion on “Mindset for Moms”. A great discussion I found!! What did you cook this weekend?