My babe and I headed to the grocery store right after breakfast to avoid the zoo, specially now that it’s 1pm and I see snow flakes!! LOL!! But first my boo has breakfast on her very first big girl plate! Yay Maddie!

 I have to admit I’m going on my second winter of not minding the snow because it’s a perk of being a SAHM!! I get to stay home and have a PJ girl with my boo! Buuuuut of course this snow day is falling on a daycare day and since we pay for it, if they are open, MM is going! Plus I had such an awesome workout on Tuesday (arms & chest hurt just enough to know I did good!) so now it’s time to make my thighs and buns feel the same!! Tomorrow I’ll be putting a Lasagna in the Crock! Yes a Lasagna! I know my MIL likes Lasagna so that’s what’s up for tomorrow. I think I may bake some cranberry bread, or another quiche since MM and I are addicted to them these days! But number one on the list is cleaning since it’s so much easier to do without a kiddo here!

I also added another side called Parmesan Creamed Spinach, I’ve always wanted to make something like this, but wasn’t sure I’d actually like it, however now that I’m learning to sautee my greens more I’m going to give this one a shot, probably over the weekend. Stay tuned! Another recipe I added today was Almond-Peanut Butter No Bake Bars, I hope to try this one tomorrow while my daugther is at daycare, I was on the search for a home made granola bar that wasn’t too big on the belt!

Oh so hey check out the yummy lunch I made for myself today. I had bought a little spaghettie squash last week, my husband isn’t a big fan of it, so when I saw the small ones I figured this was perfect for me some day for lunch. YUMMY!! This time I just used some margerine, parmesan cheese and pepper, I liked it, but I did decide I like my favorite pasta sauce over it just like Ruby Tuesdays!!

So tonight I’m very excited to try a Stuffed Pepper recipe, I’ve never made any Stuffed Peppers before, and though I could not for the life of me find any Quinoa at the store today I’m improvising with brown rice, yes don’t laugh but I must have spent at least 15 min in the pasta isle going up and down up and down looking for it, I found a seasoning package of Quinoa from “Near East” but I wanted to plain because I know it’s healthier, this one box had 240 calories for just a small amount. So I’m using the Quinoa-Stuffed Pepper recipe however I’m replacing the Quinoa with brown rice instead, I’m using all the same seasoning and ingredients though, well minus the Monterary Jack cheese because I forgot it so I’ll use reduced fat shredded cheese. I’m also making a Sauted Broccoli Rabe, Yep I bought some more folks! I wanted to make it a different way, last time I used it in a soup so this time I sauteed it!! Oh and I meant to say over the weekend I finally tried fresh garlic LOL….yes I bought my first press (FINALLY) and I’m peeling it and pressing it myself, boy does my house smell yummy!! My husband didn’t like the stuffed peppers, lol probably because he’s a meat guy and these were Vegetarian, take out the cheese and they would be Vegan. I could tell when he proceeded to eat chips, popcorn and then YES cranberries LOL….oh well I liked it, I have a lot of the stuffing left over so I’m definetly having that for lunch tomorrow!! YUMMY!! The Broccoli Rabe, I’m not sure what I did wrong with it but it had a very bitter taste, I loved it in my soup so I’m not sure if I didn’t wash it enough, didn’t cook it enough, I’m not sure but I’m going to find out because I think it’s a great side dish if made right!

These are the days when I wish I made a dessert 😦 to complete this dinner because I made a big no no mistake according to Chef Anne Burrell, I didn’t read the whole recipe through so didn’t realize that I had to cook the peppers for an hour after I made the filling LOL! It took me about an hour to make the stuffing, I know a long time but that’s with MM between my legs and having to feed her supper because daddy is always late when it snows……

So time to get boo ready for daycare tomorrow…stupid snow!! Isn’t this cute!! I made her star shaped peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! Oh and I had to take this picture….my hunny’s lunch boxes!! 🙂



Ok I’m off to spend time with my hubby since their is no “Bruin’s” game on tonight! LOL Have to suck it up while I can!! However we did declare tomorrow an official “Date Night In” so an appetizer, main course and dessert and a movie review will be on the line for tomorrow night! Make sure you visit back to see how it goes and to get a free movie review!