Today is Maddie day!!! So hopefully I will have taken care of this post the night before. She had a really hard time at daycare yesterday ūüė¶ It breaks my heart but I still think we are doing the right thing, however I can’t help but think that I’m paying for someone elses leg………LOL let me tell you why. When I went to pick her up yesterday (which by the way by 3pm I couldn’t wait to go get her!) one of the teachers told me that she was attached to her leg all day, LOL I couldn’t help but reply with “Oh welcome to my world!” She saw me coming around the corner towards the door however I need to go into the door and around the corner to get to her room and she was crying by the time she saw me because she must have been wondering where I went after she sited me LOL!! Awh…poor boo! So from the second we got home, through dinner with my MIL, through her bath, through her bed time she was a mess lol….in her defense I think her teeth are bothering her! But here I look at 8:30 PM and she is still in the same position she was in when she fell asleep!!¬†So I have designated Friday (today) to be Maddie Day!! Maddie¬†& Mommy all day. Maybe we’ll visit with her boyfriend Jack, maybe we’ll make a trip to the store so we can make daddy a nice dessert OR….hmmm maybe we’ll go play in the snow!!!! YAY!!

UPDATE: Glad I didn’t finish this post until this morning because we were up at 4am with a sneezy, grouchy, coughing little girl!! Guess now we know why she was so miserable yesterday, this actually makes me feel a little better because I thought it was just her not adjusting to daycare. I hope this one doesn’t last long I feel like we’ve been sick since December. She cries with every little thing she’s feeling and unfortunatly I don’t know what that is…….oh and then their is the lack of boogie wipes!!! AHHH!!!!

Then as you know daddy and I are due for our monthly date night!! It’s been awhile, Valentine’s Day threw us off a bit since we ordered chinese food and Saturday night we are double dating with friends of ours that have a daughter one month younger than MM so we are going out Saturday (can’t wait!) But for tomorrow (today) it’s date night! Momma is making (oh crap I better go take the chicken out of the freezer now while I’m thinking of it.) OK done…I’m making my hunny a Chicken Florentine, and I found a recipe for the crock so I can set it in the afternoon and just worry about my appetizer and desert. If I get to the store with boo, I’d like to make him a home made Ice Cream Cake, if not I’m going to go with the Almond-Peanut Butter No Bake¬†Bars¬†which I already have the ingredients for. For the appetizer I want to try the Spinach Salad w/Orange Viniagrette however I’ve learnt that¬† things don’t always go as planned (shut up mother! LOL!) so a simpler salad may be in store. I saw an awesome home made Mustard Viniagrette made on 10 Dollar Meals yesterday, so I could always just make a salad and make this simple dressing. It’s 1/4 Cup Olive Oil, 2 tsp of balsamic Vinegar, 1/2 tsp of dijon mustard (I’d say add a bit more) salt, pepper and thyme. All you do is whisk together the dijon and balsamic vinegar then drizzle in the oil and quickly keep whisking. Season with salt, pepper and thyme¬†to you taste, I’d like to make this and refridgerate it, so that is my back up if I need to go quicker! ¬†

What else is up this weekend, ok well Saturday, I believe the hubs is working, my mom and sis are coming up for a few hours to see the babe and then we are headed out to dinner with our friends for a double date, I’m excited, I think we’ve been out once without the kiddos (our daughters are 4 wks apart) so it should be fun!! I’d like to try this new recipe I found called a Zucchini Pizza Casserole, and then Sunday will be our lounging day but daddy is playing hockey late Sunday afternoon, I’m so happy he is making a weekly thing out of this, it’s so nice to see him happy about something other than me or Maddie! Hopefully he won’t be too late and we can have a late dinner because I’m making his favorite!! Ham!! And yes of course it’s in the crock because I’ll never cook a ham any other way! Honey Glazed Ham. I’m making it with a¬†Butternut Squash Risotto, it’s not really a recipe it’s really only me cooking regular plain Risotto and I’m adding in frozen¬†butter nut squash, I thought of it myself so I hope it turns out well, if it does I’ll add it to my list¬†for Amazing Sides! Then of course I’m making the Honey-Roasted Carrots w/Almonds, and I know a lot of you are interested in making these because they got one of the top views this week!!¬†Can’t wait to tell you how they were, what an awesome Sunday dinner!! ¬†I want to try this new recipe I found (and my sister would be proud) it’s called, Lightened up Feddicchini Alfredo (yes I’m adding broccoli to it of course!) that’s on the menu for Monday ūüôā

Well I guess today is going to be a whatever happens day!! Happy Friday Folks!! Check in tomorrow to see how date night went! I’m laughing only because lord knows if this dinner goes as planned!