Morning!! Date night ended up quite interesting 🙂 Boo just got worse and worse as the went on. I anticipated this so as I was getting my Chicken Florentine Crock ready I was thinking of a way to make it an easier dinner, ok so I can skip the Spinach Salad w/Orange Vinaigrette, done. Then I decided to make something in the crock that we could put inside a Calzone. I had the whole wheat doe in the fridge already so I searched and couldn’t find anything so of course I made it up myself. I was in a cheesy mood, surprise surprise! So I’m calling it “Momma’s Cheesy Chicken Calzone“. I started taking pictures as I started however after 3 attempts of putting Madison to bed, an argument about her getting into the boggy wipes, an argument of who was going to put the Calzone together and an argument about “What the heck is wrong with you tonight?” LOL….it’s so true that when a kiddo is sick it’s harder on the parents. Madison has been so independant from day one. She’s not a consoler. Meaning no matter how much you try to cawddle her, comfort her, cuddle with her she doesn’t want anything to do with it! I would sit in her rocker all night long rocking her if it meant she could sleep, but nope……..nada. So every attempt to put her down was breaking our hearts even more, plus I had already had enough with attempting to do it all day long for a nap 😦 I know it was wearing on us, not being able to comfort her or do anything at all was just heart wrenching, so finally come 8:45 we let her cry herself to sleep, which she did….finally. So we finally ate at 9pm (hence why their are no pictures of our completed Calzone.) We were STARVED!! It was really good though, the only thing I would change is next time I’d like to layer it with spinach before folding it up, we just wanted that goodness in our mouths asap! So here it is at the start and come the middle, better than nothing! So the first picture is when I first put the ingredients into the Crock. The second picture is when I pulled the Chicken out 5 hours later to shred. And the third picture is after I put the chicken back in, added the corn and blended it all together, so it’s almost like the Chicken Empalada’s I made last week only it’s a creamy sauce instead of a red pizza sauce (more my style!) It was so yummy!!

I did manage to make it to the store yesterday, we had to go out and get boogie wipes for the girl since she “got into” the last box I had and they all dried up, her nose was running a mile a minute and whenever I wipe it with a regular tissue she cries…so off we went to get boogie wipes, kleenex (for us) and the stuff I needed for the Ice Cream Cake. YES I put together the Ice Cream Cake, but we never ate it! LOL…so dessert will be here tonight all ready to go!! I can’t wait to try it! Also, we didn’t get to the movie 😦 Yet again! LOL….we will get to it however we had the finale to Revenge to watch and we were both dying to see it so we watched that and headed to bed forseeing a long night ahead of us…..we were right! She was up every 2 hours 😦 I think her teeth are bothering on top of it and if she’s anything like her mother I can’t sleep when I’m stuffed up. LUCKILY and I mean LUCKILY it was a Friday night and my husband took more turns than I did getting up with her. Now they are both peacefully napping 🙂 That was the first time she had a bad night on a night daddy could help! My slipper socks….of course they are pink, so fuzzy and warm. And of course us trying to keep boo busy!!


Date night out with our friends is supposed to be tonight. We are still planning to go, because in the words of my sister and I quote “I told you guys before I don’t get grossed out by basic bodily functions: Shit, crap, diarea, blood, boogers and last but not least bones sticking out of skin.” Soooooooooooo I guess our date night is on! LOL….we are headed out to dinner with another couple who have a daughter 4 wks younger than Maddie! We met them through our local mommy group and our hubby’s hit it off too so the company is nice 🙂

Tomorrow is our relaxing day, aka. momma’s day in the kitchen!! The plan is still to put make Honey-Glazed Ham in the Crock with Butternut Risotto & Honey-Roasted Carrots w/Almonds. I don’t have a specific recipe for the Butternut squash all I do is cook a regular plain Risotto using the package directions on the Arborio Rice and I add in a package of frozen Butternut Squash as I’m making it, it’s so easy this way! I still want to make Almond-Peanut Butter No Bake Bars. I also found another recipe from a FB group I belong to that I want to try as a snack, I’d have to go out and get a few cans of Chickpeas but I think they are worth the try and I’d love it if my daughter liked them since it’s a nice healthy snack! It’s called Roasted Sweet & Sour Chickpeas.

I also added a few recipes under the Gluten, Vegetarian & Vegan section, I’m going to continue to work on this section as I have a few friends that I know would benefit from this section so I’d really like to make an effort for them. But check them out, I’ve made a few of them already! I am also working on the St.Patty’s Day Grub section because it’s right around the corner!! So don’t forget to plan your dinner now! It is on a Saturday! That will be our next Date Night!

My little sicky is up….hey an hour is better than nothing!! Till tomorrow friends!