Happy Sunday guys & gals! Another Sunday come and gone. We had a great night out with friends last night. Went to one of my favorite places, The Homestead in Merrimack NH. Good times!!

We started our Sunday morning off with talking to the kitty as normal.

Today we’ve been pretty lazy, hubby is playing hockey and I had a chance to make the Almond-Peanut Butter No Bake Bars. I wanted to make another Quiche but realized I don’t have any evaporated milk 😦 So instead I made Cranberry Breakfast Squares, ok I made it up, it’s really cranberry bread topped with sliced Almonds however I’m sick of making bread so I made it in a pan where I can just cut it into squares (I hope). I just took them out of the oven! They look and smell great! The No Bake Bars are pretty good. I was half way through the recipe when I opened my cabinet and realized I had no rice crispies! AHHHHH I could have sworn I had them….I had already started and I’ve been in my PJ’s so I had no other options but to put in more oats and I crunched up some corn flakes HAHAHA they aren’t bad, I can taste the peanut butter (yum) and the cranberries were a great addition!

Since hubs has hockey today I decided to make his Honey-Glazed Ham tomorrow and I’m going to make the Lightened Up Fedduchine Alfredo tonight. Let’s see what else is up for the week…….I’m going to try the Zucchini Pizza Casserole, hopefully before the Zucchini goes bad! Then I’d like to try the Smokey Chicken & Pepper Paprikash I bought boneless chicken thighs so I figured this would be a good time to try this recipe. I also plan on making the Summer Squash & White Bean Saute to serve with the chicken. That’s what’s going on in my kitchen this week……maybe throw in a few treats here and their! Dinner was yummy! Specially for a light dish 🙂 Felt way less guilty eating it too!

Additions………..momma was busy!! I added A LOT….I’m going to name all of the St.Patty recipes I added but check them out in our St. Patty’s Grub section!! I’m excited to try a few myself! Also check out the Gluten, Vegetarian & Vegan section I made a lot of additions to that section too, including, The Best Vegan Baked Mac & Cheese. I also added Quinoa Breakfast Bars w/Blueberries. Don’t forget to check out the Calzone my hubby and I made on Friday night! I called it Momma’s Cheesy Chicken Calzone. I also added a new snack that I can’t wait to try. Sounds yummy! Roasted Sweet & Sour Chickpeas.

Ok lets play a game……..10 fun facts about this momma’s weekend, all you have to do is reply back with one fun fact about your weekend:

1.) Yes I dragged my daughter to the store Friday morning in her footy Pj’s to buy her boggie wipes.

2.) My husband and I napped at least 4 hours combined between Sat. & Sun!!

3.) Friday night, while I had dinner in the crock I was tempted to trash it and order out!

4.) I realized I have a HUGE weakness for champagne.

5.) Became extremely irritated when my husband took a wrong turn Sat. night and it took us triple the time to get home.

6.) Ignored my daughter Fri night so my hubby would get up and take care of her…whoopsy! Hope this is a post he doesn’t read.

7.) I made dessert on Friday night and we have yet to eat it!

8.) I still admit that I check out my husband every chance I can. 🙂

9.) I truly think my daughter has a conspiracy against me and my hubby, everytime we try to have a conversation she cries, whines or needs us.

10.) I’ve come to the realization that I Love the feeling of my female fur baby cuddling under my my armpit when I go to bed at night.

Your turn!! Don’t forget to check out our St. Patty’s Grub section!!

Well we finally got to the dessert!! Was worth the wait, I’ve never made an Ice Cream Cake before, my hubby LOVED it!! Good end to a weekend!!