You probably don’t want to read this if you are a Victoria Secret’s shopper, well I shouldn’t say that because I’m an Angel Card Holder LOL….however I’m about to bash so beware! Ok yes their was a point in time where I fit perfectly into those beautiful sexy bra’s, lingerie, and underware! Yes pre-baby, even pre-marriage, heck even pre-my husband, that’s how long it’s been. First off I was never able to buy them in the store because when I was wearing them I was a good sized C or even a D, and come on we all know the store only holds A’s and B’s! Well whenever I would go that’s all I ever saw. These teeny tiny little things, so I just ordered mine online, I ordered my bathing suits online too,  yes I even fit into them can you believe it! So yes my frist question is why?? Hey I know they only want skinny chicks shopping in their stores, but back then I was skinny! I was just big chested, what can I say, lucky me was blessed!! Every now and again I’d be able to sort through the underware and find my size, I wasn’t always a Large folks!

My second question is, is it me or all of these chicks that star in the commercials for Vicki’s all perfectly busted? These bra’s make their bossoms look freaken perfect!! Seriously??? Come on just because you buy their bra doesn’t mean your breasts are going to magically look like their’s ladies!! Unless back in the day mine looked like that who knows, I do remember a feeling of “Confidence” and “Bustiness” when I wore them, as they dug divets into my shoulders just to keep them up…don’t worry it was worth it. Now however, not worth it, nothing holds these puppies up! I just want to know since I don’t wear them anymore (and note the only reason why I don’t wear them anymore is because they don’t make my size anymore!) I just want to know if everyone that wears these bras look as good as these models, because to me these commercials and catalogs just make me feel like crap about myself! Who actually has boobs that look that good in those bras?! Ok you really don’t need to tell me if yours do I’m simply venting LOL!

Ok onto more important things…..FOOD LOL!! (hence the reasons why those lovely bras don’t fit anymore!) Still haven’t gotten to the Honey Glazed Ham….with the 70 degree day that we had today this momma got lazzzzzzy!! Sent boo off to daycare and did some errands, was able to open up all the windows and air the house out, I also figured it was a good time to dust the bedroom (my husband doesn’t do well with dust and kitty dander) so I felt better disrupting our usual settlement of dust while the windows were open. 🙂 I swifted my floors, went to a Dr’s appt and watched an episode of General Hospital. It was one of those days that no matter what I did I couldn’t get into a good mood, go figure the weather alone should have done it, I think I’ll be saying TGIT a lot in my future, most of you say TGIF, Thank God It’s Friday, well mine will stand for Thank God It’s Tuesday/Thursday. 🙂 Thank you Daycare! My hubby said I deserved a night off from cooking since it was so nice out so I gladly accepted and ordered my chicken ceaser salad wrap from our favorite restaurant!

The Honey Glazed Ham is DEFINETLY being cooked tomorrow. My sis is coming to visit tomorrow so I get to have a little MORE momma time she said! I’m thinking the gym and maybe a pedicure…..hmmmmm we’ll have to see.

I did get a chance to add a few things to the St.Patty’s Grub folks!! Yummy Lamb Chops with Beer & Mustard Sauce. Or how about Stout Glazed Ribs, or a Cheddar-Ale Soup! I also added an Amazing Side that I saw on a cooking show the other day, Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpeas, I can’t wait to try this one! Don’t fret a crock pot chicken recipe is on the list for the weekend along with a new Pot Roast recipe too!! So check back. Hey what did you think of the step by step of our dinner the other night, was it better with the larger and more detailed pictures? Some people like that and some people think of it as a distraction so I’m thinking I may do them periodically. Check in tomorrow to see what’s up for this momma’s weekend and another Momma write up on “Setting Our Expectations Too High?” Happy Thursday all!!