What a beautiful day….reached 70 over here for this momma!! I’m afraid to get used to it since it’s still early March LOL!! Maddie and I took advantage of the nice day and since she took to such a liking to drawing yesterday my hubby and I both agreed that she needed some crayons!! So we walked to Big Lots down the street, probably a half a mile away. Then took the long way home for a little extra exercise and fresh air!

Doesn’t anyone just carry plain ol’ crayons anymore?? Like Crayola Crayons…hello!! Nope I searched that store up and down and not one box of crayons, so instead I proceeded to buy a Princess Pack, it has markers, colored pencils, crayons, paints, kids scissors, glue, stapler, it’s cute! Most of the stuff she can’t have for now however I’ll put it away and for now she can have the crayons. HOWEVER, I also found this really cute little case for her to store her crayons in, knowing she’d love to open, pull them out, put them back in, and close the case LOL….I put it in my carriage but had most of the things I was buying in my hand, low and behold I didn’t realize until I was out the door, Ā I never put it on the counter to be rang up! AHHHH I stole something!!! LOL…who would have thought this momma would steal at 33 years old LOL!! Oh well she likes it!

Well since the Chicken Florentine won the Top Viewed Recipe from last week I figured I have to try it so I changed my mind on what I was supposed to cook. I also made it with the Spinach Casserole, some people would say it’s too much spinach, but I cut down a lot of the serving sizes of the spinach for that reason.

So first I layered the diced onions on the bottom of the crockpot. I seasoned the Chicken Thighs with Salt,Ā  Pepper and Poultry Seasoning and layered it ontop of the onions.

Then you mix the spinach, with the yogurt, garlic and cheese and layer it ontop of the chicken. Cover and cook for 3-4 hours on low.

I never touched the spinach until the very end just enough to sink it into the juice. I loved it, my husband decided to wait until after this meal to tell me he doesn’t like cooked spinach, I wish he had told me that before I made two spinach dishes LOL! He said he didn’t know it until now! Also, I used boneless chicken thighs, next time I’ll use chicken breasts because I’m not a big dark meat fan but like to make it for my hubby every now and again, I can easily only put spinach on half of the chicken if I were to cook this again that way my hubby and I both get what we like! Now for the Spinach Casserole, I don’t see my hubby ever trying this dish again because spinach is a main ingredient! However I thought it was awesome, I liked the mixture with the noodles and I love spinach but sometimes cremed spinach is too much cream or too much spinach so I thought this was awesome.

Super easy too! I put the butter in the crock first to get that soft and melting while I was cooking the noodles. Then I added the spinach, cheese, onion, nutmeg and soup and mixed it all together with the cooked pasta! Cook on low for 3 hours on low. Wala!! YUM!

This was my dinner cooking today!!

So I was pleased with dinner even if my hubby and daughter wasn’t! šŸ™‚ I also had time to go over my St.Patty’s Day menu, I just hope I can get to everything because my hubby is working Saturday now. It’s hard to get one dish completed never mind five LOL!! I guess whatever I get done I get done! Stay tuned for my menu I’ll be posting it tomorrow!! Here is what Maddie and bought to get ready, we are going to decorate on Wednesday. šŸ™‚ Happy Monday folks!!