St.Patty’s Day is right around the corner! Here is the menu I decided on, that’s give and take, hoping I get it all made, hoping since 2 of them will be cooked in the crockpot that I’ll be ok with putting them in while MM naps. My hubby is working so it’s hard to get anything done in the kitchen! But here is what I’d like to accomplish.

Reuben Rolls – I think this will taste very similar to the Salsa Roll Ups I made. This will be a good picky food, pop in your mouth kind of food!!

Vegan Irish Stew – I wanted to give this a try, one because a friend that’s coming is Vegan, but also because I’m a HUGE fan of veggies and could live on them so I’m hoping to do this in the crock!

Corned Beef & Cabbage Bake – I thought this was a great make a head dish! Of course this momma loves casseroles and this seems like a casserole kind of dish!

Irish Stew – Yes this one has meat in it, Lamb to be specific, I’ve never cooked lamb, I’ve eaten it but have never cooked it so I’m looking forward to throwing this in my 2nd crockpot!!

Classic Reuben Panini – Last but not least, I’m hoping to have time to make a few of these and just use french bread or something, make them mini sized! I have a panini maker so I’m hoping to get to these!! These will have to be last since they are way better warm and melted!

And if I do end up finding green salsa at the store, I’ll put some of that out with warm salsa chips! Check out our other recipes under St.Patty’s Grub!

Well today started off quite tough for this momma….Madison thinks everytime we leave the house now we are going to daycare. 😦 finally after a few days (over the weekend) she lets her walls down, going two days a week is not working!! So I try to pack her bag and lunch the night before so she doesn’t see me, I even got her dressed, but the second I started getting dressed……….forget it! The tears started, and this time it was “Mooommmmmmmaaaaa, Moooommmmmaaaaaa…..!” as she was grasping onto me 😦 I couldn’t even put my sneakers on. I called my husband in tears and said “I don’t think I can do this anymore” I had to actually step into my bedroom and close the door to be able to hear him on the phone she was screaming so loud. UGH….we feel like we are doing the right thing, he made a good point, he said if you had to go to work right now what would you do? I said she’d be going tears or not, he said that’s right so you can do it. It’s true, we have the choice to send her, we don’t have to, and I know a lot of parents don’t agree with what we are doing, people think I’m selfish and I’m doing it for the “Me” time but I’m not, she’s so attached to me that I just don’t think it’s healthy. When anyone comes to the house she cries for an hour and clings to me or my husband. It irritates me, it angers me, but the more this happens the more I’m starting to come to the realization that this might just be her, her personality. I know plenty of kids that stay home with their moms everyday and they are NOT like this. I thought this would help her and maybe I just need to give it more time but in the mean time it rips my heart out everytime I have to bring her.  So I dropped her off, tears and all, then I became numb, just spacy, I no longer wanted to go to the gym, but luckily I had enough sense to snap out of it, I made myself walk to the gym, and work on my legs for 25 min then walk home, it’s probably a good 2 miles all together. It made me feel great, one to get my mind off of the way I felt, and also to be outside in the fresh warm air! Yay me! Here is my gear!! Yup that’s my new IPhone and I get to listen to Pandora or any radio station I want! But let me ask you something, those ear buds, am I the only one who has ears that just don’t work for these ear buds? I was old fashion and always wore the headphones that went on my head like a headband LOL…my god they don’t even sell them anymore! So I’m forced to use these, but I’m constantly sticking them further into my ears! I’ve tried every position thinking maybe I’m putting them in wrong! Nope….just weird ears!

Ok well this momma is NOT cooking tonight, I’m actually headed out to grab a salad and a few drinks with my best friend. We just go down the street to our favorite family restaurant. So my hubby is making a pizza! However I did try the Roasted Sweet & Sour Chickpeas today for a snack! I like them! I would cook them less because some of them crunched and some of them were softer, I like them softer better and I also would make the sweeter next time, I will try them again!

So it’s simple, all you do is drain a can of Chickpeas, rince and lay them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Bake them in a preheated oven of 450 for 30 min. (I’d cook them for 20-25 min) Get your oil ready to toss them in. This is where I would add more cinnamin 🙂 I also used some nutmeg.










I let them cook for 5 min then I tossed them in the oil combination…wala healthy snack ready to eat or package for another time!











Enjoy!! Tomorrow I’ll be making a Momma’s Chilli in the crock since I have an appt at 4:45 so my hubby and daughter can eat and I’ll eat when I get home 🙂 Beans Beans and more Beans, I’m in love with Beans! Whatever I’m doing I’m going to keep going, I’m down 3 lbs, I waited a bit to think I really did but it’s been a whole week now that I’ve kept off the 3 lbs, thank you stomach bug, thank you daycare for allowing me to work out at least twice a week! Stay tuned the rest of the week will be a Sausage & Pepper Hero courtesy of The Chew!