Since Maddie had such a meltdown yesterday going to Daycare I decided to stay in today, get some things done around the house and let MM see that she was going to be with mommy today. However, the second she woke up this morning she wanted to be held and everytime I put her down she cried. I ate this up because she’s never cuddely so I drank my coffee, she drank her milk, she eventually eased up, however everytime I changed her she thought she was going to daycare (I think because she doesn’t usually act like that. UGH…….I jumped right into some things after we had breakfast, the recipe I decided to make said to cook on low for 8-9 hours in the crock however it’s already done so I have it on warm until an hour before we eat. I decided to try the Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup. It smells just like stuffed peppers are cooking! YUMMY! I enjoyed making it too. Simply cut up your onion and saute them with your ground turkey.

While that is sauteing chop up your peppers, I used red and yellow because I thought I had green but whoopsy…..I didn’t!

Put your ground turkey & onions into the crock, drop your peppers in, and the rest of the ingredients. OK this is where I went wrong, well this is where the recipe is wrong to me because mine ended up being mush because I put my rice in at 10am this morning, I should have known better because rice only takes an hour or so to cook, but I trusted the recipe and my new crockpot, but it’s ok it’s how you learn, and I still ate it! It has awesome taste, the yellow and red peppers I think gave it a sweet taste which I thought was awesome! So the only thing I would do different is cut the time to 6-8 hrs and add your rice an hour before your ready to serve!

I added a little cheese on top and YUM!!!

One of the things I wanted to get done this week was clean out my fridge, it was disgusting, I didn’t get it all done but I got the whole inside done so all I have left are the door shelves. I decided to do it on a day that Maddie was home because she loves being in the fridge, it actually kept her busy! She’s too cute.

She thought she was helping!! Yes that is a bottle of margarita’s on the door of the fridge!!

Then we went outside after lunch, the poor thing hates being outside at daycare so I’m trying to get her used to walking on all the different kinds of elements, cement, grass, bark mulch, that kind of stuff. I have to keep reminding myself that she didn’t walk last summer so this is all new to her and she’s scared 😦 but then she would want to be held the second a neighbor walking by would stop to say hello LOL….she loved using her little car though, it was fun and it wore her out because she is going on an hour and 45 min for a nap, after sleeping from 10-11 this morning! Yay fresh air!

Until she was NOT happy anymore!!

I also added a few new recipes I want to try, one of them I’m going to try and make tomorrow, I found it on the Chew yesterday. Sausage & Pepper Hero’s….yum! If I stick to the Chicken Sausage by Thin & Trim and a Light Roll I can keep it healthy….I’m thinking of making it with the Smoky Baked Beans recipe I found last month!! My hunny has hockey Friday night so I wanted something easy, I even have a bag of frozen peppers & onions to make it ever easier!

Tomorrow I think I’ll try the Turkey Stroganoff I posted last month. Something different, and well NOT a crockpot meal LOL!! Then Sunday or Monday I want to make this Slowcooker Sweet Barbacoa Pork, sounds awesome and I want serve it over Fiesta Lime Rice, both these recipes from Miss Gina on Fun filled few days ahead of us! Tomorrow is a daycare day aka. School day for MM so wish us luck, or wish me luck since it’s harder on me! Hitting the gym, a dr.’s appointment then foodshopping for St.Patty’s Day!!! Yay!! Check out what this momma is cooking! Our Irish Menu….but most importantly don’t forget to check out the rest of the recipes under our St.Patty’s Day Grub section!!! Oh and MM and I decorated with our greens!!

And my favorite!!!