Today started off a bit, well strange I guess you could say. MM woke at 6am, not very happy, wanted nothing but me being literally right next to her, I climbed into my bed with her because it was 6 LOL…too early for me! But she just kept crying and crying, she even grabbed me and held on and cuddled, I tried to get up, make some coffee and sit on the couch like we do every morning, again, all she did was cry and cry and she actually laid right on my chest and just kept crying. I was blown away as to what was going on, teeth, stomach ache, daycare day, who knows, I really don’t think a 16 mth old knows what day of the week it is, it’s not like she goes everyday so she couldn’t possibly know it was Thursday! Well I still don’t know what it was, I know her teeth had been bothering her earlier in the week, her back teeth, not sure which ones, she’s munching away on her thumb these days, she eventually calmed down but it was mommmma mommmma momm momm mommmma… about ripping my heart out! But I was destined to stick to this schedule and get her to daycare so while she ate her breakfast I got dressed for the gym and we were out the door by 9! She cried when I dropped her off but honestly the time at home is harder than it is dropping her off! UGH…..

So I worked out (Yay me!) hopped in the shower, went to an appt, then went to Hannaford’s to food shop, and to also buy what I needed to make for our St. Patty’s Day shin dig! OMG I was at the checkout lane and I had to look at the clock twice, I had gotten their at five past noon, and it was 1:40 HAHAHA! I did go slower than usual, well because I could and I was buying stuff I had never bought before like Corn Beef Brisket, Barley, sauerkraut, just to name a few!I made myself a yummy salad at least! I’ve never had one from Hannaford’s before, it was awesome!!

This is what boo came home with!! A nice schedule for the month of March (finally) unfortunatly she’ll miss St. Patty’s Day because she doesn’t go on Friday but I love knowing what she works on each day! 🙂

Ok…so dinner, it was a success! Turkey Stroganoff 🙂 Yummy!

It was quite easy I found once I got into it. I started with seasoning the turkey breasts with salt and pepper and cutting them up into bite sized peices.

I then sauted the turkey in a little olive oil until it was just about cooked through.

While they meat was cooking I mixed the sour cream and flour together to get that ready. I also got the mushrooms and broccoli ready, my broccoli was frozen so I had taken it out of the freezer a little before I started cooking, the mushrooms I buy fresh but already sliced. After the turkey cooked through I removed it and put it in another bowl. (oh and at this point my pasta was cooking as well!) I then added the mushrooms and broccoli with a tiny bit more oil.

I then added the chicken broth, onion powder and pepper. Let that simmer for a bit, then added the sour cream/flour mixture and let that simmer for another 5 minutes or so to let it thicken, I then added the turkey back into the skillet to combine everything and let it cook together and thicken a sauce a bit more. Meanwhile, my pasta was finished and I moved it to my serving bowl.

I then just poured the whole mixture from the skillet over the pasta and mixed it together to become one meal! Of course I added cheese to mine because well I add cheese to everything LOL!

My daughter gobbled it, and let me tell you she is a picky eater, of course she liked the pasta the best but she did eat some of the turkey….sooooo after all of that, we all get leftovers for tomorrow!! LOL!!!

So while food shopping I got everything I needed I think, I couldn’t find Lamb believe it or not, I couldn’t find the right cut, I think LOL so I ended up with Stewing meat and I’ll just use Beef or the Corn Beef for the Irish Stew I’m making. I had to buy a whole Corn Beef Brisket to be able to make the Corn Beef & Cabbage Bake dish I want to make, which is fine I think what I’ll do is just put it in my crock at like 9pm tomorrow night and let it cook over night by the morning time it’ll be done for me to use in whatever recipes I end up making! 🙂 Let’s hope it all goes as planned!

Oh yes then of course the one thing I did forget was the Chicken Sausage I need to make the Sausage & Pepper Hero’s tomorrow night LOL! Whoopsy! So I guess Maddie and I will be stopping quickly to get them! I’d like to make the Smoky Baked Beans tomorrow in the crock to have it with it, but we’ll see how our day goes tomorrow!! We are going to our mommy group and the mornings have been tough so who knows!