Well I can’t make too many things ahead of time but I do have a few things I’m going to attempt tonight!! I loooooooooove cooking new things!! AHHH! Ok so I’m cooking my Corned Beef Brisket in my crock over night, yes over night, I want the meat to be ready come tomorrow morning so I can make the Corned Beef and Cabbage Bake and then stick some of the cooked Corned Beef in the Corned Beef & Cabbage Soup I’m going to make! I’m also going to bake my brownies tonight!! Irish Cream Swirl Brownies it’s called!! I’m debating making the Rueben Rolls tonight but I think it would be better if I made them tomorrow!! 🙂 Then it’ll only take an hour or so to cook the Vegan Irish Stew so I’ll chop the veggies and throw that together tomorrow too!! Yum it’s all sounding soooo good right now!

Sooooo a few more hours and the Corned Beef Brisket will be going into the Crock with a can of Guinness 🙂 Maddie and I had a productive day, we went to mommy group and Maddie played with some kiddo’s, while I complained about how attached she is to me and how daycare seems to be making it worse for now, still hoping and praying in the end it ends up a better thing for her! Here she is at Momma Group! Thanks Cheyrl for taking the picture for us, momma forgot her phone at home!

Then I made an early dinner so Andy could get off to hockey, the Sausage & Onion Hero’s were A LOT easier than I thought. Specially since I bought the frozen veggies! The cheese just completed it!

So I just sauted the Sausage (I used Chicken Sausage because it’s lower in everything, of course my hubby chose Buffalo!) with the peppers, onions and garlic. I cut my sausages in half because they cook better this way and they fit into the bun better this way too, I use 1 1/2 for each sandwich.  Meanwhile, in another pan I toasted the rolls (also low fat).


Then I used Dijon Mustard on the roll, topped it with Sausage, then a peice and a half of provolone, then topped it with the peppers & Onions! Easy as that!
Cut in half and serve!! YUMMY! Hubby loved it too, unfortunatly Boo couldn’t have Buffalo sausage, I was afraid it would hurt her belly!

Then Maddie and Daddy got Daddy’s hockey equipment ready while I baked the Irish Creme Swirl Brownies. Obviously Maddie has an interest with boy things these days! AHHHHHH Where is my little girl??

So the brownies ended up being easier than I thought! I got all the ingredients ready before I started which made it a lot easier.

I started with making the brownie mix as described by the box, I ended up making them in a 13×9 pan because of the package of brownies I bought were family sized. You also add the vanilla in at this time too.
I spread the batter into the dish, reserving a cup of it for the topping. I then worked on the cream cheese mixture, I blended the cream cheese, 1 egg and green food coloring in a seperate dish.

I then poured it ontop of the brownie mixture in the baking dish. (I also preheated my oven according to the packaged directions at this time) Then I added the extra cup of batter ontop of the green mixture (I didn’t really get this part, but it still came out good so I guess it all worked!) I then used my rubber spatula and just zigged zagged back and forth to blend the green cream cheese into the regular batter.

I baked it according to the packaged directions and it ended up like this!!


I let it cool and then cut it up into squares and packaged it up for St. Patty’s Day tomorrow, oh and of course I ate one too!!! 🙂 Soo good!

Daddy went off to hockey and Momma and Maddie had some cuddle time while she drank her milk before bed 🙂 This is by far the perfect way to end my day!!