OK I just like to be different, everyone says Happy St. Patty’s Day, Happy St.Patrick’s Day…you get my drift!! So all went as planned last night, The Corned Beef brisket went in last night at 9pm. Looks good huh!

My hubby woke up at 5am to go to work and he turned it onto warm for me, it’s still sitting in the guinness, I’m going to be cutting it up in a little bit (waiting for my daughter to either take a nap, or not “need” me). Then I’ll start to chop up some veggies and get the crocks going! Don’t forget to check out my other recipes at St. Patty’s Day Grub incase you feel like cooking something up today or tonight! This is how we will end our evening…………though I cheated and had one last night! Still quite warm too!! Check back in tomorrow for pics!!