Yes it’s Sunday already….UGH this is what I hate about my hubby working on Saturday’s, does feel much like a weekend! So what did you do on St. Patrick’s Day? What did you cook? What did you drink? Well we did (we as in I) did a lot! With Madison on my hip most of the day because ever since daycare started we can’t even put her down never mind leave the room. I’ll never ever say again that my child is not affectionate or cuddely because within two weeks she has done a complete 180 I’ll tell you! Usually I love it, mornings on the couch snuggling while she drinks her milk and I drink my coffee, however now it’s turning into two hours, and she also does it when she wakes from her nap too 😦 I hate seeing her so unhappy when she wakes two times a day, breaks my heart. I’m telling you their has to be a sanitation rule about peeing with your kiddo on your lap!!! Ewh! LOL! (but true!)

So I had four different dishes to make for our St.Patty’s Day get together. I got some great shots while I was cooking so I can’t wait anymore to share them with you! I seperated the posts because it was easier, to view the recipes and pics just click here St. Patty’s Day Food Reviews Are In! Continue on for to see just how much fun the kiddo’s had and what’s up in this momma’s kitchen for the week!!

Maddie got dressed in her green even after she had a cranky day! Stupid teeth!! I think she’s getting some more in! I’ve lost count!

She got her toys all set up and ready for her friends to play with!! Jack is 3 mths older than her and Olivia is 1 mth younger than her 🙂

They shared snacks too! Well they mostly shared!!

 Olivia has always loved Maddie’s Chair!!

There were wagon rides for all!! We almost got Michelle in their but didn’t budge!
Then it got later and we had some tired kiddo’s……this look says it all!

So what’s cooking in this momma’s kitchen this week…..I’m making the Quick N Easy Lasagna from Skinny Gina @ Skinny Taste, I’m going to my grandmothers tomorrow and I figured this would be something easy I could throw together tomorrow afternoon and we can pop it in the oven for dinner. Also, this week I’m trying the Braised Beef w/Marsala Wine Sauce, I’ve never made Steak this way before so I’m dying to try it (I know your jealous mom because you’ve been dying to try this one!!) Then another one from Skinny Taste, Slow Cooker Sweet Barbacoa Pork over Fiesta Lime Rice. Stay tuned for shots and reviews of these recipes!! Happy Sunday to you all!! 🙂