You are the voters, you determine which recipes are viewed the most here on Momma’s Meals so here they are! I love looking at these each week, so why not share them with my all my wonderful readers!! Join me each week as I proudly announce the 5 Top viewed Recipes!!

5th Top Viewed Recipe:

Corned Beef & Cabbage Bake Of course some St. Patty’s Day recipes are going to win this week since St. Patty’s Day was this past weekend!! I actually made this one it was super yummy, kind of like a mini Irish Pizza! Why wait until March to make this one!

4th Top Viewed Recipe:

Meatloaf Cupcakes – I referred this to a FB friend last week because she was looking for a “different” easy meatloaf recipe, I love referring this one because if my hubby can eat it (he hates meatloaf) anyone can love it! I’m going to post both pictures, I made it once with a whipped potato topping, and another time with a butternut squash topping! They were both to die for!

3rd Top Viewed Recipe:

Spinach CupsThis one was in the top 5 last week too! Again the first time I had every made a spinach dip and it was on the healthier side! I’ll be making these again very soon!

2nd Top Viewed Recipe:

3 Enevelope Slow Cooker Pot Roast – I also recommended this recipe to a few FB groups and had a lot of compliments on it, another one from last week, it came from a mommy group friend of mine, I’ve made pot roast a few different ways but this one is always my favorite!


Vegan Irish Stew – I’m super excited that this won the number one spot because it was awesome and I’m going to be living on it all week!! I plan on making this one all year long!

Ok folks that’s it for the Top Viewed Recipes of this week!! Stay tuned until next week!!