Well today is the first day of Spring!! And boy does it ever feel like it…..more like summer! That’s New England for yah huh!! Hubby and I grilling tonight (even if we don’t have a grill) Check back tomorrow to see those recipes and pics! It’ll be under Last Minute Date Night! For now let me walk you through the Quick N Easy Lasagna I made yesterday for my sister, mom and grandmother, they all loved it, and my hubby went off to work today with 3 peices of it!! LOL….

So I flubbed this recipe a bit for a few reasons, one I was lazy and having a yuck day and two, my sister can really do without the meat so I discarded the ground turkey and just used 2 store bought jars of pasta sauce, one was a veggie kind and the other was a spinach and 3 cheese kind.

So first I greased my 13×9 baking dish. I then poured pasta sauce on the bottom (thin layer) Then I took the low fat ricotta cheese and put dollops over the sauce all lined up (I learnt this was ok by Rachael Ray) because ricotta cheese is tough to spread, it’s too thick. So this works great!

After that layer I sprinkled 2% Mozzarella cheese over the ricotta and in between the dollops.

I then layered it with the lasagna noodles, which was a great fit for this particular pan!

I then repeated the same steps, so all together you have 2 layers of each but you finish with the sauce and a sprinkle of the mozzarella cheese. This is to prevent the lasagna from drying out I guess.


Pretty simple, I threw a cover over the top and off to my grandmothers I went!! Right before I through it in a preheated oven of 350F I poured a little bit of water around the sides so it would trinkle down in between the dish and the pan, this makes for real easy cutting and slicing your peices!!! Trust me it works!! Then you end up with a happy family!