Well my boo make another trip to the doctors today. She got a cold the first week she started daycare which was three weeks ago! Well it’s been minor since then, runny nose, light cough, pretty much what any kid this age looks sounds and feels like this time of year. However, the cough has gotten deeper and more frequent, she coughed in her sleep too, luckily it never woke her up! So off we went this morning, better safe than sorry! Which I’m glad I did now because they want to treat her for another sinus infection, gosh she just had one a few months ago, poor thing.

Needless to say we didn’t enjoy too much of this beautiful day together. Luckily I was planning on a crockpot meal today anyways! I made my go-to meal when I don’t know what to do with chicken and I know it’s always a favorite of ours! So I call it Momma’s Creamy Chicken Dinner because it’s a dinner that’s fairly easy all in one!

Cast of Ingredients:

So at 10 am this morning (still trying to get used to this new crockpot, it surly cooks faster!) I seasoned my chicken with salt, pepper and garlic powder and placed it on the bottom of my crock.

I then put the two soups in mixed it together, then put the mushrooms on top.

Cook on low for 4 hours. I turned it to warm when I knew the chicken was done and then when I started boiling my Jasmine Rice I turned it back on, mixed in the cream cheese and french style string beans. It thickens very quickly, I just stirred it a few times while the rice cooked.

Wala…..instant yummy easy dinner!!

My hubby loved it plus a good amount for leftovers tomorrow!! Now for the rest of the week…..tomorrow I’m making Momma’s Turkey Burger Club Panini’s, yes that is made up. I have 2 frozen Turkey Burgers in the freezer based on the Southwest Turkey Meatball recipe, I used this recipe and just made them burgers instead of meatballs. I love clubs, and I love the idea of pressing it in my panini machine, that is slowly collecting dust in my closet…don’t judge. 🙂 If I had a bigger kitchen these are the things I would keep out closer and use more often! I’d think. I’m doing it! Of course I’d rather have french fries with these Club Panini things I’m making up however again, trying to stop the scale from slowly creeping. I anticipate getting an awesome salad from the salad bar at Hannaford’s tomorrow afternoon while I’m food shopping so I don’t want to serve a salad with it….so how about some Oven-Fried Zucchini Stix! Since I’ve never made them before! Then Friday I’m going out with my gals!!! Hubby is on left over duty!! Saturday we are having friends over for dinner so that’s when I decided to make the Slowcooker Sweet Barbacoa Pork over the Fiesta Lime Rice. Hopefully it’s a go! Then Sunday I’m hoping to make a big batch of Skinny Minestrone Soup because I’ve been living on the Vegan Irish Stew all week and It’s a good way to stay healthy for lunch, just a bunch of veggies!! Can’t go wrong, but I hope to make my hubby a Beef Stew Delight! Here was the last of my yummy soup I’ve been eating all week! Till tomorrow folks!