So my hunny and I had a last minute date night, well it turned into a last minute movie night because Madison wouldn’t go to bed and dinner was cooking!! So I made Roasted Veggies and the Garlic Steak w/Horseradish Sauce, their is something about horseradish that I’m just loving these days!!! The kind of kick I like!!

So boo boo had daycare yesterday so momma went to walk the trails in town. So beautiful! Not such a bad view for this few mile walk!

Then I prepared the Roasted Veggies as soon as I got home from picking up MM so they would be ready to put in the oven. I decided to use carrots and zucchini since I had both. Just slice in the shape you like and place them in a baking dish.

Next season with your favorite seasonings, I McCormmicks seasoning package Garlic & Rosemary for Roasted Potatoes, so not only did I season my potatoes with them I also seasoned my veggies with them!!! YUM!!!

When your ready to cook them just cover them with foil and pop them in the oven, I cooked them for 30 min at 350 and that was plenty, you could probably get away with 20 min. ***Tip – We make these during the summer all the time on the grill just do the same thing but in a throw away roasting pan, cover with foil and stick it on the grill flipping it a few times 🙂 While those were cooking I seasoned the steak with a clove of garlic by just rubbing it into each piece.

Then I used Montreal’s Steak Seasoning (You can buy this by the spice bottle or a spice pack!)

Then I fired up my “grill” aka. grill pan!! split the steak to the back burner and the front burner, I grill each side for about 5 min.

Then I used my favorite piece from Pampered Chef!! My Grill Press!!!! Best thing for a steak!

While the steak was cooking I whipped up the Horseradish sauce which was simple, a cup of light sour cream and 2 tablespoons of horseradish and a sprinkle of pepper! I used 3 tablespoons and it was spicy so I’d cut back to 2 next time, the original recipe called for 6!!! AHHH! I would have died, luckily my gut was right!

I even saved the left over Horseradish sauce, I plan on using it for dinner tomorrow night as a dressing for Momma’s Turkey Burger Club-Panini I’m going to attempt making tomorrow night!! 🙂 Stay tuned! Sooooooo here is what our fantastic dinner came out to be!

We finally got boo to bed then we settled in and watched a new Comedy Jack & Jill starring Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes, I thought it was funny! Cute whatever you want to call it, my husband has a habit of reading the reviews BEFORE we watch the movie and I wish he wouldn’t because I hate reviews! Everyone has such different opinions on movies because everyone’s tastes are so different! It only scored a 3 out of 10 stars and I thought it was good, I’m not one to go to the actual movies anymore so to me most movies are worth waiting for and we go through redbox so well worth the $1.20 that it was!