Yup that’s right this momma is feeling some serious guilt for sending her boo off to daycare on such a gorgeous day….I almost thought about skipping “school” (that’s what we call it) I keep reminding myself that their will be plenty of beach days hello it’s March!! So I dropped her off in her little jean skirt and I made my way to the Goffstown Track and did a few miles, it felt goooood! May have finally done enough lunges to actually feel it in the booty tomorrow! Let’s hope so! Ooook so what’s up in the kitchen today……….not much because hello look at this temp!!

Then I wanted to make a salad to go with our Turkey Burger Club-Panini’s tonight, but not a regular salad because I had that for lunch……remember….everytime momma food shops she get’s one of these!!!

Yummy!!! Then I made a Bean Salad, I couldn’t find the exact combinations I wanted so I ended up making my own! LOL….It’s chilling now but so far tastes pretty yummy!! I think I’m on a bean kick……..so yes this one is called Momma’s Cold Bean Salad.

Then my husband came home from work and said “Hey it’s nice out, let’s order out” hmmm…their went my eating good all day stretch!! Working out in the morning makes me eat healthy all day but then come night time………forget it!! So Momma’s Cold Bean Salad will have to wait until tomorrow! And so won’t Momma’s Turkey Burger Club-Panini!! I’m destined to make these tomorrow for a late lunch and so I can go out with my old co-workers tomorrow night!!

So here is how I made the bean salad, it really is tasty! I started with rinsing the beans, get all that sodium off them!!

I then defosted the corn and edamame beans with hot water and microwaved them half way.

 I then “gutted” my tomato, I know their is actually a “cooking” term for this but I forget what it is so basically I cut out the stem, sliced it then took out all the seeds. LOL!

I diced my celery and shallot and added that into my bowl. The next part was getting the dressing just right…..I kind of just played with the ingredients in a seperate bowl until I got it to my liking.

Once I got it to the taste I liked I simply poured it into my bean salad and tossed it with  my hands!!

Even though my husband decided that we should eat out I still grabbed a quick snack!! And I have lots of leftovers!! Yeah!

I really liked it!! Another score for this momma!! So stay tuned for the weekend, making the Slow Cooker Sweet Barbacoa Pork over Fiesta Lime Rice for our friends for dinner tomorrow night! I was going to make Salsa Roll Ups for an Appetizer to munch on before dinner but I only have two wraps left and I don’t feel like going to the store! So I think it’ll be Pizza Bites!! Who can go wrong with that! Then Beef Stew Delight and Skinny Minestrone Soup for Sunday folks! Stay tuned!!