I started with another cold yesterday……yes yet another one, how could I not when I’m constantly wiping boo’s nose!! She’s been on her meds for a week now and she still doesn’t seem any better, well maybe the cough isn’t as bad, but her nose is still running the poor thing! I have the cough, It is quite annoying, it hurts, it makes me tired. I just need spring to be here, for real and none of this, let’s be 80 out for four days in a row! LOL….Well the good thing about not feeling well is being couch bound, lots of tea, lots of cuddle time with my boo and The Food Network Channel!! Good stuff on today I’m hoping to add some new recipes later or tomorrow along with some Easter ones too!

Though us momma’s get down in the dumps we still must get dinner on the table so this afternoon while MM ate her lunch I cooked Momma’s Shepard’s Pie. I call it this because I use a few different ingredients and I tend to use a different vegetable each time I make it LOL!! My mom has a secret recipe in her Shepard’s Pie too, spaghetti!!! YES!! It’s good!!!! Trust me!! I don’t add it because I try to keep it lower in ….well everything but I do use a different sauce that comes right from Cananda!! Yep…..my hubby’s fam always picks us up some when they visit each other and I have a cabinet stocked! This is one recipe I always use it in because it’s great tasting with the ground Turkey.

So the first thing I did was cut up my veggies of course, today I used a summer squash, a zucchini, and an onion (my hubby would be saying of course she used an onion! LOL) I kind of doubted how this would go with the ground turkey and poutine sauce because the original recipe calls for a can of stewed tomatoes instead, so if your looking to make this recipe just use stewed tomatoes in place of the poutine sauce. I just can’t NOT use it when it’s in the house! Anyways once I put it together I lost all my doubts because it looked and smelt amazing.

I sauted the veggies in a bit of olive oil to brown them up. I seasoned with S&P too!

I was able to cook the ground Turkey at the same time, this saves a lot of time, I only have 2 frying pans, that needs to change!! I also seasoned this with S&P!
Once the veggies seems to start to cook in the oil I poured in the poutine sauce (stewed tomatoes for you) I mixed it up, turned it down a bit and covered it to simmer. This cooks the veggies!
Then MM came bombing into the kitchen with her new toy!!! Yup she came into Momma’s kitchen to go grocery shopping I guess LOL!!
While the meat and the veggies were cooking this momma took the easy way out today and used instant mashed potatoes LOL! I usually don’t even eat mashed potatoes, I try to stay away but it was quick and easy. I usually use sweet potatoes, which makes this dish just as yummy. So I made the “fake” potatoes with butter, steaming water, S&P and just put it aside.
I was proud to say that I was finally able to use my grandmother’s casserole dish, it’s surly older than me but was used at every family holiday so when she passed last year I scooped it up! I love the shape and since we are entertaining for Easter I plan on using it!!
OK so I poured the ground turkey right into the casserole dish (If their is any grease in the pan, get rid of it first, you don’t need added liquid). I then poured in the sauted veggies. Right on top of the meat.

Then I took the potatoes and spread that on top of the veggies. I barley had enough potatoes to complete it, but at least this time I know if I’m going the easy route I may need 2 pkgs of the fake stuff!! (or next time I’ll buy a box instead of a bag!)

I then just let it sit on my counter for the rest of the day. When boo and I were ready to eat I sprayed the potatoes lightly with cooking spray and sprinkled some bread crumbs on top! YUMMY!

I bake it at 350F for 20 minutes (uncovered) or until you see the liquid bubbling around the edges! My hubby failed to mention he would be grabbing dinner with his mom tonight so I guess it’s just me and boo!

Oh sweet goodness I have found you………A T E… T O O… M U C H ! ! You think MM liked it?? Naaaa I don’t think so!
Now it’s more tea for this momma!! I think I’m on my 7th cup now! My husband asked me if it made me feel better, and I said I don’t know, I’ve always drank a lot of tea when I have a cold because it makes my post nasal drip feel better…….so I guess my answer is yes!! Bring on the tea!