I think I’ve come to realize that this momma just don’t know how to be “lazy” or “sick” LOL….2 days of not feeling well and I’m about to go out of my mind, Maddie is so patient, she doesn’t seem fazed being stuck at home but I really wanted to get her out today. Well their is still an afternoon left maybe after she naps we can hit up the library. Though this weather doesn’t make you want to jump up and run out of your house now does it?! It was just sleeping here, then I looked up and saw the sun was out then I looked closer and realized it was sleeting with the sun out!!

I’m not going to make soup, I’m not going to make soup, I’m not going to make soup…LOL I just can’t go a day without making something, it’s addicting! LOL….if I’m still not feeling well I’ll cook it tomorrow since Maddie will be at daycare tomorrow. So here is an interesting combination……I decided to have canned soup, I have an addiction to soup when I don’t feel well in the head! It was a Healthy Request Soup called “Chicken Fiesta” so I poured it in my bowl, yeah all soup is skimpy, they never put enough stuff in it, hence why most people feel the need to have a sandwich with it or a salad, but me, I just like to add more filling to the soup. Soooo I had some leftover Fiesta Lime Rice that I made over the weekend, it looked like the same ingredients, rice, beans, corn, so I put a bit in the soup and wala! Lunch!

Worked for me! Cleared up the good ol’ sinuses!! The doctor ended up calling in another perscription for Maddie because it’s been a week and her cough and nose is still not cleared up………UGH……

Ok so over the weekend I had a craving for deep dish pizza, in my eyes no one makes it better than Pizza Hut….love their crust, the most important part of a pizza to me is the dough LOL….so since I had my usual Portland Pie Whole Wheat Dough in the fridge I decided to give it a shot!! It worked! It was great, of course nothing compared to Pizza Hut and my husband is more of a thin crust or calzone man but for once this momma got what she wanted!! Here is how I went about it!

I greasted a 13×9 baking dish, yes a 13×9 baking dish!! I added a little flour to my dough and spread it out to fit the pan, pushing it up the sides a little bit.
I put some olive oil and seasonings on the dough, even added some shredded parmesan cheese because….AGAIN…it’s all about the dough to me! I then added my sauce, we were low on sauce Sunday so I skimped on it, which is great for me since I don’t like alot!

I then added my toppings, we didn’t have much but mini pepperoni’s and cheese but it’s good enough for us!
I baked it at 425 for about 20 min-this all depends on your oven, since it was my first time doing this I just kept an eye on it. I think I’ll try peppers & onions next time!! Not bad huh! See how the crust is raised a bit…..I want to get it to raise more next time!! Just have to find out how!
I Didn’t get a review from my husband but I think his feelings were a bit hurt because he is usually the pizza king in our house, meaning it’s the one thing he cooks and I don’t think he liked the idea of me cooking it!! LOL….it’s ok I’ll let him do the next one!

Leftovers are for tonight, too much in the fridge yet again, half of Momma’s Shepard’s Pie, Sweet Barbacoa Pork w/Fiesta Lime Rice (this has my name written all over it) And a lot of Chicken & Potatoes Italian Style! I may even take some of that chicken and make my Chicken Waldorf Salad tomorrow! YUMMY!! Though I’m still dying to try the Stuffed Tomatoes W/Tuna, I love tuna and I think this is a great way to get some in you w/o the bread! 🙂 Lot’s to think about for next weeks menu but tomorrow I’m either making a Chicken Enchillada Soup or a Creamy Chicken Sausage Pasta Dish…..stay tuned!!!