Another day of no cooking! I don’t know if I can do it! My husband said he would have leftovers, I don’t know though, we are almost out! I’m looking forward to cooking Momma’s Creamy Sausage & Pasta so I may just make it when I get home from my liquid lunch with my best friend. 🙂 A few things I discovered yesterday:

1.) I’m addicted to cooking….
2.) I’m not good at being sick…I’m just not good at relaxing.
3.) I feel bad for my kitties that they only have 1000 sq feet to run around in.
4.) No matter how bad of a day I could have the sound and site of my daughter running towards my husband when he gets home from work is by far……..the best feeling.
5.) Sometimes I don’t think my husband knows that………I’m a nice person. 🙂 I just come off a little bitchy sometimes!
6.) I get a third wind come 8pm every night.
7.) I’m addicted to the food network channel and may have withdrawels if I don’t watch it for awhile.
8.) Comcast rips people off.
9.) Now that I food shop during the day, old people annoy me.
10.) Cheese should be aloud on everything!

Well I left to drop off boo at daycare, get to an appt for 10am, then food shopping, then 5 trips down to my truck to unload the groceries while I was in the middle of typing this…….UGH is all I can say, I feel like someone that weighs 800lbs is laying on my chest!! So much for cleaning the house, so glad I food shopped first!! Priorities people!! Anyways I’m now resting on the couch, moved my liquid lunch to an early liquid dinner with my bestie! LOL….Normally I’d cancel, your sick your sick but that’s how bad I need to get out of this house, that’s how bad I need a little socialization! That’s how bad this momma needs to see people besides food shopping or at the doctors LOL!!

So on another note, I’m very excited to say that I’ve registered for a PPD Conference next week. A conference on Post Partum Depression, I can’t wait to see the ladies in my group that have stood by me, the woman who advised me and of course it always helps to hear people’s survival stories. A nice Thursday night out for this momma!

Ok so I did get to add some new recipes over the past few days while being laid up, some even for easter! So don’t forget to go check out our Easter section, Brunches, Ham’s, Side dishes or even Desserts!!
Waldorf Stuffed Ham – Gosh how yummy does that sound?

Crusted Peas – Can’t go wrong with Peas!!

Asparagus, Brei & Ham Crostini – Can never have enough Appetizer recipes!

Clinton Kelly’s Frittata – I’ve always wanted to make one of these and they made it look so good on The Chew.

Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Cups – I’m so making these ASAP, great way to get kiddo’s involved and a great thing to freeze and pulll out for lunch!

Momma’s Shepard’s Pie – My hunny ate it as leftovers last night…..great dish for leftovers, heats up really well!

Some great additions!! Can’t wait to see what I’ll be cooking up this weekend! I hope!!