Well I’m still not feeling great! 😦 my sis came to visit me and boo today so we took her to our local park, we also got to show TT where her new “school” is aka daycare! Unfortunatly we didn’t stay long because I was having a hard time breathing, not sure if it was the fresh air ripping my damaged lungs or what but once I got home and sat I started to feel better, but it was nice we got to have lunch and she got to see her bubba that’s all that matters!

I’m a bit disappointed tonight because after working a little more on my “Linky Party” section I’ve come to discover that I can’t do what I want to do with this software, I’m so stinken bummed. I’ve worked so hard getting my name out their and I guess I’m just going to have to be happy with the amount of views I have now because it means I can’t get my name out their to other foodie bloggers 😦 I’m not ready to give up just yet but it’s a enough disappointment for one week! But luckily I have my regulars that visit often so a special thank you to you, and also my friends who have passed my name along! It means soooooooooo much!! BTW…Psst……I bet this momma reaches 20,000 hits by next week sometime! YAY!!! I’m already cheered up I think!

I’ve been playing around with my new I Phone……trying to get used to it! LOL I know I know don’t laugh, I’m a big behind on the technology here! So here is what I’ve figured out how to do!!


So that means…………….another leftover night for this momma! Wow good thing I had some stuff in the fridge huh!! However…….now it’s empty!! So I really hope to feel better tomorrow so I can get back in the kitchen! I’m hoping to start with a new recipe I found from a fellow food blogger. Strawberry Banana Baked Oatmeal Squares. Sounds like a winner for me and boo!!

Sooooo check back tomorrow for what this momma is cooking up this weekend! At this point soup should be on my list!! Don’t forget to check out our Easter Sunday section to get ready for the holidays!! I’ll be posting what I’ll be making too!! Then after Easter Sunday this momma is breaking out the Spring Recipes!! Hello Grill we have missed you!!