Well I didn’t give my readers much of a heads up on this new challenge that I’m taking part it, not because I didn’t want to but because I hadn’t heard of it until 3/31/12!!! Oh well what’s a challenge it’s not a bit difficult right! I love writing, I love cooking, I love taking care of my family so why not cook something each night that starts with whatever letter I’m on!!

So today is Day 1, Day 1 is A. I have a recipe I have yet to try called All-In One Pork Dinner.  Click the recipe for the ingredients, read below for my day of cooking this wonderful dinner for my family.

Nothing is better than being able to put dinner in and sit back and relax, or go off to your busy day at work, or take the kids to their soccer games and come home to a nice cooked dinner!! That’s what I’m doing today because my hubby is playing hockey during dinner time today so we are having a late lunch, early dinner!! This recipe has won my Top 5 Viewed Recipes of the Week in the past and I have yet to make it!! So why not start it off on Day One of this challenge!

I started by getting everything together that I needed:

I then poured the parmesean cheese on a flat plate. I cut up the pork tenderloin into peices (I used pork tenderloin because it’s a healthier cut of meat.) Then I seasoned each peice with salt, pepper and garlic powder then rolled each peice in the cheese. You have to press firmly so the cheese really gets in their!! I then transfered it into my crock.

I placed the mushrooms ontop of the pork and spread them out evenly.

I put the two cans of soup in a seperate bowl, filled up a soup can twice with water and then mixed it all together and then pour it ontop of the mushrooms. I blended it well by moving it all around and then cooked it on high for 4 hours.

Then 3 hours into it, I added the bag of rice and broccoli florets to cook for the last hour!

Then we enjoyed this awesome dinner!! 🙂 Happy Cooking!! Happy Blogging!