Well I didn’t give my readers much of a heads up on this new challenge that I’m taking part it, not because I didn’t want to but because I hadn’t heard of it until 3/31/12!!! Oh well what’s a challenge it’s not a bit difficult right! I love writing, I love cooking, I love taking care of my family so why not cook something each night that starts with whatever letter I’m on!!

Can you believe their is over 1600 partipants in this challenge, that’s just craziness!! I love it!! It’s blog heaven for me! I have to do this seperate because, well I like to talk and this challenge is based on shorter expose’s so to speak! So here is my regular blog and you can check out each day of my challege under Blogging from A-Z Challenge. But each day I’ll make sure to include my link just incase it sounds yummy enough that you may just want to make it!!

Look at me! Look at me!! I’m number 1513!!!

Day One of this challenge, it’s exciting, my meal is already cooking!! It’s the All-In One Pork Dinner, today is A. 🙂 So check it out if you want to see the step by step instructions, pretty pictures, etc. etc…..Sorry I mislead you yesterday thinking I was making something else, I decided this was best so I wouldn’t stress out and could just let dinner “cook” while we did family stuff!

So we had a great family day today! I made my hubby breakfast….it was the recipe I made for MM yesterday that she loved. The Strawberry Banana Bake Oatmeal Squares. I sliced fresh strawberries and banana’s and added a little syrup for some sweetness and wala!! Yummy breakfast!

Mommy blogged a lot today, MM and DaDa went to buy white eggs so we could get our Easter eggs ready. I haven’t done this in years, when I opened the package I had flash backs from when I was a kid 🙂 Awesome memories I get to relive all over again as I watch my daugther grow. So MM and I are ready to tackle this project tomorrow!

We had our dinner from our A – Z Challenge!! YUMMY!

Then we took off to daddy’s hockey game with TT who came to watch too!