I love this time of the week! I love looking at my stats and knowing what is viewed the most! It’s so fun! A few recipes were really “in the top 5” that were already in the top 5 prior and I don’t like to do repeats however obviously by posting the 5 top recipes viewed they get more views because………..well people like the top 5!!! They want to check them out! So amongst the Top 5 were the Spinach Cups, Crock Chicken Florentine, and 3 Envelope Pot Roast.

You are the voters, you determine which recipes are viewed the most here on Momma’s Meals so here they are! I love looking at these each week, so why not share them with my all my wonderful readers!! Join me each week as I proudly announce the 5 Top viewed Recipes!!

5th Top Viewed Recipe:

Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup This tasted amazing, it was like eating a stuffed pepper. I ended up getting the recipe off of one of the Recipe groups I belong to on FB and boy was I thankful I came across this one! The only thing I would do different is wait until the end of cooking time to add the rice!! 🙂 YUM!!

4th Top Viewed Recipe:

Kelly Clinton’s FrittataI haven’t made this yet because I don’t have a skillet to put in my oven! AHHHH I’m embarressed to admit this!! It’s on my wish list, I’ve always wanted to make a Frittata, this one will be first on my list! Visit The Chew’s website if you want to see pics!

3rd Top Viewed Recipe:

Chicken & Potatoes Italian StyleI made this one, I also got it from a FB group, what an awesome marinating style, great flavor, I’m thinking this will be a huge hit come this summer on the grill.

2nd Top Viewed Recipe:

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup This one is actually pretty similar to the above recipe now that I think of it, but spicer! I loved making the Homemade Tortilla Chips for this soup and I loved loved loved, did I say loved…..adding a little sour cream and cheese to the top of this soup! I guess this momma has been on a soup kick!! This one is so worth the wait!!


Momma’s Creamy Chicken Dinner – I have to view this one again because I’m so gosh darn proud that it’s my own recipe!! I’ve gotten so many questions and views on this recipe!