B is for BLT’s!! One of this momma’s favorite! When I was pregnant with my daughter I could NOT get enough of them. I am trying to do a new recipe each day but their will be a few that I’ve already made on the days I get stuck or busy, or if I just decide they are my favorite so I have to share with you!!! Today’s is new and though it was quite messy it was full of all the goody mm mmmmm goey stuff that I would never say no to!!! Click Here for the actual recipe.

First I got all of my Cast of Ingredients together:

Then I toasted my bread in the toaster (I skipped the mayo part here because if you don’t know me I can’t stand mayo and yes I have all of my BLT’s plain!!) I cut the toast into squares and scattered them on the bottom of a greased 8×8 pan. I layered them with four slices of american cheese, then 5 slices of canadian bacon, would I have preferred regular bacon here, yes of course but I do try to make it as healthy as possible!!

I then fried my eggs and let them settle before tranferring them ontop of the bacon.

I then melted the butter and flour in a seperate pan and gradually added the skim milk and stirred it until it eventually thickened. (2-3min)

While that was thickening I sliced my tomatoes and layered them on top of the eggs and then when the flour mixture was thickened I poured it over the whole dish. Sprinkled with shredded 2% cheddar cheese and baked it for 10 minutes at 325, uncovered.

Lots of ewy goey goody stuff right here!!

Messy but yummy!! That my friends is a BLT come morning time!