Almost that time of the year again! We are hosting Easter this year, we are very excited to since we usually can’t because our condo is so small. However we decided to rent the clubhouse in our development and will allow us PLENTY of space! Tables, chairs, comfy couches, a full kitchen, and of course a bathroom that I don’t need to clean! LOL…..So when our family has a holiday we all like to contribute, it’s our way of really being able to enjoy each other’s company so not one person is stuck in a kitchen, hey I love to cook but I love to socialize too! So here are the things I am hoping to make. I say hope because I’m adding on some things that my family doesn’t know about (or does now!) because just incase I don’t get to them means we won’t be missing a main part of our meal! I tend to sign up for a lot then stress if I don’t get it done! My hubby promised he would take this weekend off so I’m hoping to get to all of it.

Honey Glazed Ham – Thank you mom for buying the ham!! If it doesn’t fit in my crockpot, which I’m sure it won’t because it looks huge, I’ll cook it in the oven but use the same flavoring I usually do in the crock.

Honey Roasted Carrots & Walnuts – Just something different for carrots, my hubby and I both loved these.

Mashed Potato Casserole – It’s basically yummy mashed potatoes browned on the top with bread crumbs!!

Salsa Rolls – A great appetizer to munch on while the food warms up, we all cook it at home then warm it in the oven when we are together.

Easter Cupcakes – I’m just making a vanilla cupcake and decorating them for Easter, stay tuned for pics, I’m going to make them cute!

My mom is bringing her famous Squash recipe. My aunt is cooking a lamb. My sister is bringing the Green Bean Casserole. My cousin is bringing an appetizer, my other cousin is bringing a dessert and my MIL is making a salad. WOW….we will be happy that day!!

What are you plans for Easter? What are you making?