Well before I talk about Easter let me mention that today we are on C of our A to Z Challenge, yesterday I made a BLT Egg Bake for the letter B. Make sure you check that one out, I ate more this morning! Today I decided to choose the one I made over the weekend, Crockpot Chicken Enchillada Soup! Hubs and I are headed out for an appt and then dinner out so I had to choose a recipe I already made. Plus today is daycare day for MM so I’m sitting at Barnes & Nobles right now blogging because, well it sure is a change from the four the same walls at home. Plus it gives me chance to check out some new books!!!! I found one I really liked called “The Mothers of Reinvention” by Jen & Barb, I guess they are just everyday mothers known for Reclaiming Your Identity, Unleashing Your Potential, and Loving your life. I guess they have a web series called “Jen and Barb, Mom Life.” Check it out!! www.jenandbarbmomlife.com. I haven’t looked too much into it yet but I plan on it, they also reference some great websites. I’m also going to buy the book 🙂 

Easter is upon us that’s for sure, yesterday I posted Our Easter Sunday, that’s what this momma is cooking and what my family is doing come the holiday. What are your plans? What are you cooking?

Well yesterday Madison and I decorated our Easter Eggs, well Madison as in Momma!! I really didn’t know how she was going to react, it was a fun way to get to do something with her, she’s still at the age where projects, art or anything like that is tough! But it’s worth it………I opened up the box and let her play with it, while I dipped the eggs in boiling water. Gosh I remember doing this as a kid!!

It didn’t hold her interest for very long that’s for sure!!

I tried to get her involved at the dining room table LOL!! All she really wanted to do was touch the died water or well….drink it!!

She really didn’t understand why she couldn’t drink it since now a days she wants to drink anything in a cup or bowl!!

We managed to not make too much of a mess! Look at that face…..”Hmmmm what can I get into!!!????”

This momma didn’t do half bad huh!!

Sooooo that’s it for this momma today, now that I’m a part of this challenge I have homework! I have to go and check out other people’s blogs and give them some love too seeing as I have some giving me love! 🙂 Now to just gather the energy to get to the gym….hmmmm…….