Boo and I had a great day today! We went to the mall and did a little summer shopping, god I have been waiting 33 years to shop for summer cloths for little girls, last summer was fun shopping but this was even more fun and I think it’s just going to get better each summer!! OMG she was so cute, she just doesn’t want to sit in a carriage anymore so I let her go in Old Navy…she did well, tried to test her limits but never left my eye site, such a good girl!!

We played for a bit at the food court, and then of course we had to have Ice Cream!! She LOVED it!!

But she’s a big girl so she had to eat it herself 🙂 And yes pup had some too!

We made out really well!! 🙂

Then we (we as in me) worked on the fourth day of the A to Z Challenge, which was the letter “D” so we made a few new things! Drumstick’s with Heat, I made these for my hunny, he loves chicken on a bone, me not so much! But I’ll eat it every now and again for him. I also found a recipe called Deviled Potatoes, they were so yummy, had a good kick too! Something different than the normal mashed potato! I’ll definetly make them again! And of course Dijon Vinaigrette Asparagus, I’ve made this before and it was just as tasty this time around!

Not a bad meal I must say!

I’m working a lot on improving my site and my hubby says she dedicating the whole entire day Saturday to working on my site so we can get it to the level I want. I’m researching other bloggers and asking for some Co-Hosts, I thought it would be fun to start introducing other foodie sites and then my name will get out on their end as well. I’m also looking into getting some professional shots done of me and some dishes, it would be nice to see the chef here and their huh……even though I hate being in pictures and always look 25 lbs heavier than I really am! Tuesdays are no dedicated to Barnes & Nobles, I’ll go for a few hours while boo is at daycare and do some work outside of the house, it actuallly makes me feel like a real person! LOL!! Sooooooooooo until tomorrow my readers! Stay tuned for an excellant “E”gg Salad recipe and “F”ried Ravioli’s Friday for my hunny!!