I say Egg Salad because it doesn’t have to be on a sandwich, I personally love my Egg Salad in a wrap! YUMMY!! Or how about on top of a nice green salad!! I also searched high and low for this recipe because I’m not a big “mayo” fan, ok, I despise it, but I don’t mind a little bit of it in a mixed salad like this as long as it’s dry.  So how does this momma make her “E”gg Salad? Click here for the actual recipe.

I boil my eggs of course 🙂 and I let them cool before peeling them.

While those are cooking I get together the rest of the ingredients.

I then peel the eggs and chop them into very small peices because I don’t want chucks that are too big. I do seperate the yolks at this time because I do something with them then I’ll show you later!

I chopped the celery and red onion as small as I can. If you don’t like onions much I’d cut back on the amount.

Then I take the yolks, using my fingers, I crush them into a mixing bowl.

I then add the eggs, celery, onions and the rest of the ingredients in the bowl. If you don’t want a kick cut pack on the paprika at this point.

Looks a little different than most egg salad’s but it’s gooooood!! I love when my “salads” have a crunch so the onions and celery do a good job of this!!

Well I decided to have this beautiful Egg Salad on top of some nice fresh greens!! YUMMY!!! And I have enough leftovers for a sandwich or two tomorrow!

Now that we are getting well into our alphabet let’s re-cap!

A-is for All-In One Pork Dinner

B- is for BLT Egg Bake

C- is for Crockpot Chicken Enchillada Soup

D- Is for Drumsticks with Heat