Ok I know at least my sister will appreciate this post, because we both feel the same about wind, it’s useless! There is no need for it! Yes then you get the “real” reasons why we need wind from those opinionated people, (OK I know it’s useful for things, I just like to complain about it because I hate it) I hate that my thermometer outside may read 65 some days but when you step outside it feels like 40 because of the damn wind. Or how about how you spend time on your hair everyday just to have it ruined the second you step out of the house!! Better yet, driving down the highway and you feel like a drunk driver because your car is all over the place because of this stupid useless thing called “Wind”.


We’ve used the wind as an energy source for a long time. The Babylonians and Chinese were using wind power to pump water for irrigating crops 4,000 years ago, and sailing boats were around long before that. Wind power was used in the Middle Ages, in Europe, to grind corn, which is where the term “windmill” comes from. But do you travel down the street and see these anymore:

Or how about these? LOL?? Come on!!! So why do we need wind anymore then??!!

I’d rather have snow than wind, I’d rather feel sleet than wind, it’s probably why I hate skiing, I hate the windblown feeling on my face……..yeah I’ll be at the lodge sipping “hot cocoa!!” LOL!! Ok that’s my rant about wind….Just saying.

OK onto kitchen and mommy stuff. So I have a new goal in life (don’t you dare roll your eyes!!) I’d love to publish a cookbook, or a book about momma’s. I said to my husband last night, “What would make my book, different than every other cookbook or motherly book?” He said “It would be yours.” How perfect is he? NOT useless like Wind is, I got myself a good man thank god! 🙂 I also would like some day (hint hint hunny) a TV in my kitchen because I just thought how wonderful it would be to cook while watching the Food Network Channel!! I know I know it’s the little things that excite me!

So today is “E” day! So I whipped up a “E”gg Salad that is to die for! Check out the recipe or the descriptive version here. YUMMY lunch for this momma!

Tonight I’m off to a convention for Post Partum Depression. It’s for Parinatal Mood Disorders: Strategies for Identification, Treatment, and Support. It’s ran through the Elliot Hospital and I got introduced to this group through my Mommy’s Group. I have yet to meet most of these woman so I’m excited to take part in this conference tonight, and what the heck I get dinner, dessert and wine!! 🙂 Can’t wait to fill you in on what we go over!!

So I played around with my phone again last night…came up with these cute pics of my boo!! How cute is this….teeny tiny polka dot binkini LOL!! Can’t wait to see the belly hanging out of this one!

Or this one….LOL Dairy Queen Spoon for my big girl!!!

OK I’m done LOL!! Stay tuned for tomorrow I’ll do a post on the convention I attend tonight and also “F”ried Ravioli for my boo and hubby tomorrow!!