Now I’m not the kind of “chef” that is embarressed to admit when she F*cks a meal. Now when my husband picks a part a meal because, well he’s just an ass sometimes that’s different, but this one…….this one was bad. LOL. Real bad. But it’s ok, I’m proud, I’ll show you my work! Maybe we can use this as a teach and learn session, anyone is more than welcome to tell me what I did wrong, though it was my first time frying anything, yes anything, I don’t fry things because of how unhealthy it is, but I was going out tonight and I figured I’d make something fried for my hunny (then I ended up rescheduling my plans since I still don’t feel well!) Click Here for the actual recipe. Soooooooo here is what I started with:

Lovely ingredients, minus the egg whites, only because I’m a bonehead and forgot!

So I dipped each ravioli in egg whites and coated it with bread crumbs. Pretty easy.

So far so good right…..dropped them in the oil (I was unsure when to do this, if the oil was hot enough, what would happen as I dropped more in……guess I should have been worried) Still looks good for now! I even got to flip a few!

Not sure when the disaster stuck, I’m assuming it was the oil that kept getting hotter as I added more in, I didn’t adjust the temp, maybe I should have, next thing I know I see a ravioli started to “buldge” I knew that wasn’t good….luckily I only got a few spirts of oil on me LOL!! Next thing I knew, the fire alarm went off! LOL!!! AHHHH!!! I was done at this point. I got fired…..LOL. I was only frying a few for an appetizer anyways, I was going to boil the rest and have regular plain ravioli’s! But I’m proud I’ll show you my end results!! They may have been chaared however they were still good,ย  yes we ate them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Hubby ended up with this:

I ended up with this: (I don’t like sauce sometimes! I’m weird like that, sometimes I just like butter, cheese and pepper!)

So Fried Ravioli’s turned into Ravioli’s ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh well. Tomorrow is G….Hmmmm…I feel Grilled something coming on!!