I heart Friday’s when my hubby is off on Saturday!! Yay us!! He also promised he’d work all day on upgrading my site! So excited! Well he’s in charge of MM tomorrow because I’m making some food tomorrow. I’m making my Easter Cupcakes, Honey Roasted Carrots w/Walnuts. Well I’m prepping the Carrots, I won’t cook them in the yummy sauce until Sunday of course. I think my mom is right I shouldn’t do the potatoes until Sunday however I may try making the Mashed Potato Casserole tomorrow. Then the Salsa Roll Ups I’ll make Sunday morning as well.

So have you ever had the “situation” where your in a store and you see someone you know but your not sure you want to say hello? Then you realize that other person is wondering the same thing so you both end up just ignoring each other, “pretending” that you don’t see each other! Yah that happened to me today at the grocery store, gutta love people, though I’m just as guilty!

So I’m pretty excited that I found a recipe for a Potato Salad that doesn’t have mayonaise in it! Yup you read it right sister of mine!! I will make this potato salad for you this summer up the camp! We can have our mayonaise free potato salad and everyone else can gain 10 lbs while they eat theirs teeheee 🙂 I actually got it from Rachael Rae on her cooking show……..yup pretty excited! Check it out! I’m renaming it No-Mayo Potato Salad. In honor of my sis. I’ll make her try it!!

So I’m pretty excited I’m lining up the Co-Hosts for Featured Friday, I love meeting new people in the foodie world, their is mothing better than meeting someone who enjoys the same things I do, food, cooking, crafting, photography, reading & scrapping!! Love it!! I’m hoping for April 27th to be the lucky starting day for Featured Friday. I picked that date because my daugther will officially be 18 mths old that day, that’s a year and a half AHHHHH!!!!

My hubby came home with this today……how sweet is he??

So nice to get surprises! Momma put Boo’s basket together today! (Note to self, after this year I can’t do it in front of her, one cuz then she won’t believe in the Easter Bunny and two because well she wanted to play with everything in the basket! However I did give her the bunny cup and plate so she could use it all weekend!)

And her Easter Accessories thanks to momma and Aunty Jo Jo 🙂

Now if anyone can get those gloves and the hat on her and get one picture, then AMEN to you and you can take all the leftover cupcakes home with you (if they come out good!)

Don’t forget to check out “F”ried Ravioli’s……..for Friday, well I won’t disappoint you, this momma wasn’t very good at Frying LOL!! Hey first time for everything and I have to admit………I sucked at it LOL!! Still worth checking out maybe you’ll do better! What’s your favorite Fried Dish??? Do tell……Do Share…..