I had to cheat a little bit today, now don’t get mad, but I’m really tired of cooking because I’ve been at it all day for Easter tomorrow. Check out my Easter Menu here. Sooooooooo G is for “G”arlic Steak, I cooked this for my hubby a few weeks ago for a Date Night that we had. Once a month I try to make something “special” meaning something we both love, no holding back (no watching what we eat), oh and we wait until our daughter goes to bed so I can cook in peace and we can actually have a conversation over a hot meal 🙂 we both love Filet however it’s pretty expensive so we settle for the next best thing, Sirloin!! The key to this dinner is the seasoning and the sauce that goes over the steak, when I tried it I instantly became addicted!!

I started by taking a whole garlic clove. I peeled it and rubbed it all over the steak, ALOT….I really got in their! By the time was done rubbing the garlic over the steak the garlic was in rough shape LOL!!!

Then I FIRED up the grill (aka grill top because we live in a condo and can’t have a grill……..I know lame!) and seasoned each piece with Montreal seasoning……you can buy it at any grocery store in with the seasonings.

Meanwhile I had chopped up the potatoes & veggies, I use seasoning for these too, sometimes just salt, pepper and olive oil but sometimes I use the McCormick seasoning packages, this one happened to be Garlic & Rosemary! YUM!! I roasted the veggies for that “summer” feeling because that night it happened to be like 70 degrees out!! Yes in March!!

After I seasoned the veggies I just roast them for 25-30 minutes and I cooked the steak at the same time! The McCormick seasoning packet is for the potatoes but I always use it on my veggies too!

I also get to use my grill press from “Pampered Chef” that I love so much!! My husband always cooked the steaks before I got this grill press, now I’ve mastered it!

While that was cooking, I made my Horseradish Sauce, pretty simple really all you do is combine the sour cream and horseradish together, it calls for pepper but it has enough bite to it that you don’t even need the pepper.

Wala, not that hard folks!! Seasoning and Sauces can go a long way!

 I was so addicted to this sauce so I kept the leftovers and served it on my Southwest Turkey Burger Panini the next day!!! Try it!