What are you doing to get ready for Easter? I did a lot today, I made my Mashed Potato Casserole, everything but the cheese and bread crumbs on top. I made my carrots, everything but the honey & walnuts on top. I also baked some cupcakes, but I’ll decorate them tomorrow so they are moist and super yummy. I did decorate one just for fun because I learnt how to make “green” grass!! Fun!!! So here is my kitchen today!!

I started with the Cupcakes….I love making cupcakes I decided. Not sure why but I just decided today. So I bought a lemon flavored white cupcake, my thinking behind that was it’s a good flavor for Easter! Smells yummy!! I debated frosting them today, and though I really really wanted to because that’s the fun part, I just packaged them up and I’ll do them tomorrow morning.

I found 2 throw away cupcake pans so I was able to bake them all at the same time!! I guess I need to get more cupcake pans (hint-hint)

They are small and cute….they smell good……nice and lemony! Thanks to my late grandmother I can let my “baked goods” cool in style!

OK I couldn’t resist! I had to decorate one!!! 🙂

Oh what’s that you want to know how to make that cute green grass on top…under those jelly beans? Ok…easy enough……

Yes that is coconut and 4 dots of green dye (thank you very much leftover from St.Patty’s Day!) ………….Wala! Green Grass!

OK so then I moved onto the Mashed Potato Casserole, their is a secret ingredient in this recipe, I can’t wait to try it tomorrow, I’ve never made it before!! It tasted good but I bet the cheesy, crunchy topping will just complete it!

So I cute up 3 lbs of Gold Yukon Potatos. These suckers were huge I must add!
Cutting them into small pieces makes them cook faster I think, even if they don’t I just think they do. Remember to try and cut the chunks around the same size so they all cook the same, I was close, but still had a few chunks I had to take out because the larger chunks were not fully cooked (I hate that) but if you like it chunky go for it, I’m just used to creamy mashed potatoes!! I also used fresh garlic (another secret ingredient)

When you mash them, you use 1/2 cup of the boiling water, (hello garlic!) and 6 oz of cream cheese! YES cream cheese, and that’s it!!! Oh My Yumminess!!!!! So I put it in my casserole dish (yes my later grandmother’s so proud!!)

And tomorrow I will top it with the 1/2 Cup of parmesean cheese and 1/2 Cup of bread crumbs 🙂 Oh and green onions aka scallions!!! YUMMY stay tuned for the end results!

OK So then we breaked for lunch LOL…boo ate on her new bunny plate!! Don’t worry she didn’t eat all of this, most of if ended up on the floor 🙂

Then I finally got to the carrot dish, it’s going to end tomorrow with a honey glaze and some scattered almonds however today I just got to the carrots part. It’s been so long since I used fresh carrots, it felt good, I always buy them in the “baby carrott” style, nope this is the real deal folks….so I peeled, washed and diced!

And then I just put them on in my dish and put them in the fridge until I roast them in the honey & walnuts tomorrow!

See this momma had a full day in the kitchen……then I decided to spend some time with boo….She got ready for the Easter bunny by taking a bath, having snuggle time with momma, milk and a cracker 🙂 This is a “N”….here you go Nana, “N” is for Nana!!

Of course she wore her bunny PJ’s so she can wait for the Easter bunny to visit!!!How can you not love these! When my mom gave these to her for Christmas I couldn’t wait for Easter, here we are!!

AND……..Momma is ending her evening like this while daddy plays hockey!!! LOL…

Have a wonderful Easter everyone! Come back on Monday when this momma shares her Easter with you!! 🙂