Yup Easter Monday, because that’s what we are having again today for dinner! I have to get this food out of my fridge I can’t stop eating it!! I know on Easter Eve I took some great pictures of the dishes I was making for Easter Dinner, and unfortunatly I wasn’t able to take any yesterday to complete them, but that’s ok just another reason to make them again. It was my first time serving that much food to that many people at once so I kind of assumed their would be no time for taking pictures of the completed dishes! Everything turned out amazing though! My cousin brought some cheese and crackers and some shrimp, I made Salsa Roll Ups and served some store bought creamy dips to start, their was plenty to snack on so our 2pm dinner turned into 4pm LOL!! Oh well, my aunt brought some lamb, my mom made her squash and a String Bean Casserole. I made a Mashed Potato Casserole and my Smashed Red Bliss Potatoes, and also the Roasted Carrots w/Walnuts. My MIL made a salad and brought some bread and my other cousin made a yummy Cake Trifle so along with my Easter Lemon Cupcakes, I think we feasted all right!! I ended up cooking a Sprial Ham (thanks mom) it was so easy and I used the sauce packet for the flavoring so I didn’t even have to make my own! Here is a little view of our day!

Boo was a bit shy when she first got their but don’t worry she was a “Ham” within an hour!

The two loves of my life 🙂 They so complete me. Sorry pup-pup I love you but your dirty! She loved her Easter baskets……..

Took her all day to open everything! She’s not spoiled though! Oh and she took a break here their to have a peep 🙂

Then ate her dinner that she patiently waited for! Luckily Ham is her favorite!!!! GG loves to watch her, she’s a the best Great Grandmother 🙂

And of course she enjoyed a few good cookies too…..Nice hat boo!

And she enjoyed a yummy cupcake with Aunty Lisa, after she put her “comfy cloths” on of course!

And I think I did pretty good with my Lemon Easter Cupcakes. Thanks for letting me brag!

Stay tuned to see what else is being cooked up in this momma’s kitchen this week!! And of course the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is still going on….Today is “H” how ironic! H- is for Ham & Cheese Chicken.