Yes you heard correctly, homemade Ice Cream Cake!! I got this recipe from Rachael’s Rae’s 30 minute Meals one day while watching the Food Network Channel, it grabbed my attention for two reasons, one because it looked super duper easy and two because well it’s by far my hubby’s favorite cake!! I made this for a Date Night one month, HE LOVED IT….I had one piece and trust me I loved it, but I saved the rest for him! DANGEROUS!!! Click Here for the actual recipe.

So I started with the Pound Cake. (Don’t forget to put the syran wrap between the pound cake and the pan so it’s easier to remove) You have to cut up the cake to fit your pan, it looks horrible and like it doesn’t fit but trust me when it’s all done it’ll look…….well more professional LOL!

Add your ice cream, I used Vanilla Bean but you can really use whatever kind you’d like. Put the last piece of the cake on top of the ice cream. Wrap the syran wrap around it and Freeze it for at least a few hours.

Remove from the freezer and use Hersey Syrup and caramel topping and swirl it on top of the cake up and down the length. Looks a lot better at this point right???

It really was yummy, it tasted like tiramasu!! I bought the frozen non-fat yogurt for my ice cream and made it even healthier! 🙂 Dig in!!!