I love this time of the week! I love looking at my stats and knowing what is viewed the most! It’s so fun! A few recipes were really “in the top 5″ that were already in the top 5 prior and I don’t like to do repeats however obviously by posting the 5 top recipes viewed they get more views because………..well people like the top 5!!! They want to check them out!

Remember some of the higher voted recipes are ones that have already been featured so I don’t include them. Our Top two for weeks now have been Momma’s Creamy Chicken Dinner and the Crockpot Chicken Enchillada Soup! YAY!l Here are new top recipes!

You are the voters, you determine which recipes are viewed the most here on Momma’s Meals so here they are! I love looking at these each week, so why not share them with my all my wonderful readers!! Join me each week as I proudly announce the 5 Top viewed Recipes!!

5th Top Viewed Recipe:

Spaghetti Squash & Sausage Casserole I loved this dish, however my husband didn’t, maybe it’s a womanly dish who knows! We try to “fake” people by using Spaghetti Squash as a Pasta, well I wasn’t fooling my husband with this one! I became addicted to this one when I had a dish of it at Ruby Tuesday’s one night, I then had to come home and duplicate it! I LOVED IT and because I’m home during the week most days for lunch I do make it for myself now and then!! Speaking of, I have a squash sitting in my fridge! Guess I’ll have to have some this week!

4th Top Viewed Recipe:

Old Fashioned Breakfast CasseroleI’m sure this one got viewed a lot because it was Easter weekend and I know a lot of people have Easter Brunches, however I’ve made this a few times and me and my daugther eat it for breakfast all week!


3rd Top Viewed Recipe

Garlic Steak & Veggie Dinner – This one was part of the Blogging A-Z Challenge that I’m in the middle of doing, (G) but that makes me happy knowing that people are checking out these recipes too. I made this for my hubby on a date night and it was awesome, I’m a new horseradish fan!! Something about a dipping sauce and steak that makes me hungry!!

2nd Top Viewed Recipe

I haven’t tried this one yet (so sorry no pics) but I am going to soon because I’m dying to make my own homemade chicken broth! This is a great way to cook your chicken whole!!

Whole Chicken in the Crock


Honey Glazed Ham

I know this one probably won because of the Easter Holiday again but I can’t stress how much I love this recipe! I’ve made it numerous times and whenever I ask my husband what he’d like for dinner (sometimes I ask!) it’s always this one! I would have made my family ham this past weekend in the crock if it wasn’t so large LOL!! Great taste!

Thanks for checking in and we’ll see you next week!