Juicy anything! Juicy burgers I’m thinking because spring and summer is right around the corner and we could all use a little grilling time right about now! I have an awesome recipe for “Juicy” Southwest Turkey Burgers. I first made these as burgers then I had extra’s so I froze them and then later this winter took them out and made Panini’s on the grill top, so really these “Juicy” burgers can be made anytime of the year, I like these because they are a bit on the healthier side and they have a great moist taste to them. So I started with the Southwest Meatball Recipe.

Add the ingredients together to form a meatloaf mixture. Form small patties (I made for large ones with this) You could easily make 6 small ones. Press them to form burgers instead of meatballs. I greased my grill pan and threw them on. (When taking them from the freezer just let them defrost for a few hours in the fridge).

Yes I even toast my bread, it’s just italian bread from the grocery store bakery, the canadian bacon is my way of adding bacon to a burger healthy style!! Now I’d much rather have bacon but this makes me feel better! I cut my burgers in half to be able to put each half on each piece of bread. I added a piece of cheese and a half of piece of the canadian bacon.

You can use whatever condiment you like I used horseradish sauce because, well one I’m addicted and two I it gave it great taste!! Click here for the recipe. I then used my grill press to give it the panini “look”. I thought it was a yummy lunch, my hubby wasn’t as big of a fan because he’s not a big fan of onion, so if your not either just go light on them or go without!

YUMMY!!! Oh one more picture because that’s how yummy it was!!