K is for “K”ielbasa I made it with a spicy sauce for my hunny because usually as soon as he comes through the door he’s starved because sometimes he works through lunch. I figured this would be better than munching on chips while I made our Cheesy Stuffed Meatball Sliders. I love Kielbasa and the sauce made it even yummier! I go healthier so I buy the turkey Kielbasa, way less fat than the others, but if you learn to dress it up it’s just as tasty! If you don’t care you can use any kind, I even use Chicken Sausage sometimes too! Full of yumminess and tastiness in this momma’s kitchen today! Click Here for the actual recipe.

Here are the ingredients!

Ok so I started with my sauce. I combined the ketchup, spicy brown mustard and hotsauce in a small sauce pan and cooked it on low.

I then cut up the kielbasa while the sauce had a chance to warm.

I sauted the kielbasa in a little olive oil for about 8 minutes tossing them around.

I checked on the sauce and gave it a stir.

I poured half of it into the sauted kielbasa and the rest into a dipping bowl.

I sauted them a little longer to get the flavors to combine with the kielbasa. I then put some on tooth pics because they are easier to “pic” that way! This also makes for an awesome party picker too!!

OK I have to include that I pulled a few out for my daughter before adding the sauce. This was part of her dinner! Too Cute!

OK One more close up because that’s how much goodness their was in this bowl!