Well our day started off great. Boo slept in until 7:45 (bonus!!) she was happy. Notice here how she is using her right arm ok…….stay tuned.

As the morning grew on she started getting the usual “I’m bored” attitude, so I rinced my face, through on some yoga pants and off we went. Now this is huge coming from this momma because I was never one to leave the house without make up or my hair done, my how things change……let’s do a little “You know your a mom when…..”

1.) Your infant spits up on your sheets, you wipe it up and go back to sleep. (yes this happened to me)
2.) Picking boogers, wiping noses with your sleeve or hand and touching poop DOES not phase you after a few months…….no make that weeks. (yes this happened to me….all 3 of them! Over and over!)
3.) It’s 10am before you’ve had your morning pee, and it’s 1pm before you’ve had a cup of coffee……cold. (yes this has happeend to me)
4.) You go for your first girl’s night out and by 9pm your yawning and looking at the clock. (yes this happens to me everytime I go out!!)
5.) Your late for everything (yes everything)
6.) Your meals often consist of chewed up, whatever is left on your child’s plate of a dinner. (Yummy)
7.) You no longer need an alarm clock. (they are the alarm clock)
8.) You love when your sister comes to visit because you actually get to eat your meal hot, instead of when you used to love when she visited so you could just talk, vent and drink! (my sis is a saint!)
9.) Nothing makes you happier than putting on a pair of “adult” cloths. (my favorite is heels!)
10.) You know your a mom when: That little face looks at you and you just melt….(over and over and over again!)

Ok well now that I threw that in their let’s go about our day, we back to babysrus to make a return, shot over to the mall across the street because boo loves to play in the play center of the food court, then I figured, well it’s lunch time, she loves pizza so why not………can’t figure out if she liked the pizza more……..
Or the lemonade….or that cup I should say!

Look at those baby blues…..So we headed home for nap time! Only nap time never happened because as I was helping her up the stairs outside I heard a pop in her wrist, and then instant WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I didn’t know what happened all I knew was that it couldn’t be good! She then proceeded to scream for 10 min straight, when I finally calmed her down by rocking her I went to put her in her crib and and she started again, the scream where you know something is wrong.  So off we went to the doctors. Nurses Elbow they call it. When the slightest pull can cause a bone to dislocate from the elbow 😦 How horrible do I feel? I’ve been helping her up and down the stairs for months now I had no idea I shouldn’t have….I guess it’s a part of parenthood. Here is my boo and her “damanged wing” She got what she wanted and got to eat supper on top of the table, dinner meaning strawberries & bananas! Look at her, she’s such a trooper!

Feeding dada his sweet potato fry!!

So she’s still hurting but hopefully in bed for the night now. While dada did some comforting, momma did some throwing together of dinner! BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders. The BBQ Pulled Pork from the other night was leftover so I threw it on sliders (leftover sliders from our meatballs last night!!) How convienant!! So here they are! Pretty yummy if you ask me!
Got a great kick if you like hot!! 🙂
And the famous sweet potato fries Maddie likes to feed dada!! 

Soooooooo what is going on this weekend?? Well I for one have a long weekend with my hubby and baby girl I’m happy to report! Tomorrow is opening day up the camp! Can’t believe in no time at all we’ll be spending our mornings walking our favorite neighborhood, days at the beach and nights by the fire!! 🙂 OK Today was “L” “L”asagna in the crock, check it out! Food for the week, well we have M, N and O for recipes in the A to Z Challenge. I have chicken out to make Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Cups that I never got to a few weeks ago. I have pork chops out so I may go back to a favorite of ours in this house Baked Parmesan Pork Chops. Stay tuned for more! I’m adding to the Spring/Summer section too!! And the Featured Co-Hosts are still lining up, we are booked through July!! YAY!!!