What else would “L” be fore than “L”asagna! In the crockpot of all places, yes don’t think your reading this wrong, I make a lasagna in the crock that is to die for! It’s a great way to set it and leave it for a few hours and have dinner waiting for you!! People often wonder how it’s possible but I’ve had a few people who have tried it now and all reviews are good! Click Here for the actual recipe. This was part of my 10 Day Crockpot Challenge back in November! Come back this fall to join us for another Crock Challenge!!

Here goes!! Here are your ingredients!

Think of it as a normal lasagna in a baking dish, you still need to layer it. The first layer is the ground meat (I use ground turkey breast for it to be a little bit healthier)

I didn’t even add the sauces in like the recipe call for (I sprayed my crock first) I cooked the meat, then added the sauces and seasonings to it and stirred it well in a seperate bowl. I used that mixture first on the bottom. On top of meat mixture I layed a double layer of the noodles over the meat (just break them to fit) then I layered the cheese on top of the noodles. I mixed the cheeses together. Then did a layer of the cheese, I did this three times to the top of the crock ending with the cheese. (the picture below is from when I only did two layers, I adjusted the ingredients to include 3 layers because it’s so much better that way!)

I cooked it on low for 3-4 hours, everyone’s crock is different so just watch it the last hour, when it starts to brown or crust on the sides it’s most likely ready!

Scoop and serve! I mastered this the second time around so don’t beat yourself up, it’s all in one pot it all goes to the same place…..your bellies!! So dig in!!

And now for the mouth watering moment……..