As a mother you never want to see your child in pain. Never mind cause it! I felt horrible when I was helping my 18 mth old up the steps (and yes because pup-pup has to go everywhere with us she was holding him) and I had her by the wrist, on the last step, I heard a pop and then a never ending cry….my babe is a tough cookie, she doesn’t cry much or for long so when we went inside and she wouldn’t calm down I sat on the floor. I comforted her as much as I could, she finally stopped only to start up again the second I got up. I thought maybe she was over tired because it was past her nap time so I tried to lay her down, ten minutes later I knew something was wrong, I called the doctor and we were their and seen within a half hour. Nurses Elbow they call it. 😦 it’s a dislocation from the elbow. I felt horrible. The doctor adjusted it and Maddie screamed some more. She still wouldn’t use it, so we waited a bit and the Doctor tried adjusting it again. More screams and cries. She said it’s probably just sore and she’s also afraid to use it so in time she’ll be fine. Off we went. She was already learning to use her left hand for everything, I watched her keep her little damaged “wing” tightly close to her little body and kept trucking on. Daddy came home and quickly decided that she still wasn’t right because if you touched her a certain way she’d scream all over again.

We quickly looked up “Nurse’s Elbow” online and found out that she should have had instant relief in that arm. So I decided to call the pediatrician on call. Finally 2 hours later he called back and told us to bring her to the ER, however it was 9:30 and she had been sleeping since 7!! He said if she’s no better in the morning we were going to have to have it X-Rayed. Glad that she at least went to bed and only woke once in the middle of the night.

Come the morning time, she was no better, so off we went. I have to say this was the first time we went to the this particular Urgent Care and we had a great experience. Their was no wait (you could actually look up on line and see what the wait time is!! How cool is that!) the staff was wonderful, even though we were their for at least three hours it wasn’t bad considering. They did an X-Ray but said it would be hard to tell if their is any damange because at her age their bones aren’t done growing yet so it’s tough to see certain breaks and tears, but somestimes you can so they wanted to at least check. Nothing showed up on the X-Ray however she was still screaming when you touched her wrist, the ER Doctor gave it one more adjustment, fitted her with a sling and sent us on our way. If she is no better in a week we would then check in with an orthopedic. Here is Boo with daddy waiting for results at Urgent Care….yes still eating, glad to see the appetite didn’t go anywhere!

Yes Pup Pup was admitted too 🙂

Yes now I’m feeling even worse, thinking I did this to my baby. I know I know it could have happened to anyone and her pediatrician and the ER doctors told me that over and over so I was finally accepting that I just did what any mom would do.

So less than an hour later we noticed her hand out of the sling holding things…….Hmmm…..ok so she went in for a nap and an hour later she woke up and we noticed that she was using it even more! By the time she went to bed I swear you would never have known we were in the ER that morning!!! Whatever the Dr. did must have readjusted it in the right way because she 100% herself! Whew…..what a day/night!! And today….I can’t even believe she had an X-Ray!