Boy did I sign up for a lot coming up! So exciting! I’m still doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge, today is Sunday so I got the day off Phew because I needed it! Tomorrow we start the week of with “N”. Click Here to see A-M recipes!

Don’t worry I got a lot of cooking done this weekend and I’m going to fill you all in on it but tomorrow is a family day seeing as my hubby is off and it’s going to be beautiful. So stay tuned for Yummy Healthified Onion Rings and Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Cups to just name a few 🙂

This Momma is being featured on on this coming Tuesday April 17th. I am super excited, I came across this website while looking for Co-Hosts to join me for Featured Friday’s. I have read some pretty amazing journey’s and now I get to share mine!!

I’m also being featured on At the end of April, early May. I met Carol who the mind behind ditch the wheat through a group I belong to on facebook. Her site features Gluten Free-Low Carb recipes and tips.  She was looking for guest posters to write about a challenge or struggle they have endoured in their lifetime, well I thought to myself at this point in my life I’ve had plenty which one should I write about. I chose Postpartum because it effects so many more woman than you think and talking about it is therapy to me now. So stay tuned for that feature!

I’ll be an actual Co-Host for Christina who runs “It’s a Keeper Thursday” features a new site each Thursday!! That will be on Thursday April 26th! I’ll remind you don’t worry!

I have 14 fabulous At-Home Chef’s lined up for Featured Friday’s, I can’t wait, I’ve gotten to know some of these ladies and I can’t wait to start this new venture because it’s going to be fun cooking and reviewing other recipes! This was what I had intended for Momma’s Meals from the get go so I’m pretty excited!!

So we had a pretty eventful weekend here at this Momma’s house, Boo got her first big Boo Boo!! Click Here to read about it and see some silly pics.