I don’t know why but on Saturday I wanted to make my own Onion Rings bad!! They weren’t bad at all, not like the restaurant kind but I could help but think while I was eating them that they weren’t deep fried!! I suggest making more than you think because I cut up 2 medium sized onions and took the smaller parts of the onion and saved them for another use, and it still didn’t make much!! So remember you usually don’t use the small part of the onion.

3 Large Onions, Sliced, Small parts saved
1 Cup of whole wheat panko crumbs
1 Cup of Skim Milk
1 Tbsp. of white wine Vinegar
Salt, Pepper & Garlic Powder to your liking
White Pepper to your liking
Spicy Mustard

I sliced my onions first and picked the pieces out I was going to be “dunking”

I then mixed the salt, pepper, white pepper and garlic powder into the panko crumbs in a bowl. I combined the milk and tablespoon of white wine vinegar (this makes buttermilk!! I didn’t know that!!)

Now the key I heard was to use tongs to dunk and dip, that the grease of your fingers makes the crumbs fall off even more than they already do when then bake so I used tongs throughout!

 I dunked, dipped, covered and layed them all on a baking sheet.

I then cooked them at 425F for 8 min then flipped them and cooked them for another 8 min.

While they were cooking I mixed the ketchup and mustard together to form a nice tasty dipping sauce! YUM!!

Then my hubby and I enjoyed a nice hockey game treat!!

I wish I had more onions but I only had 2 medium ones left! Of course we had to have these with them!! Had to wash them down with something right!