So if it’s one thing that I’ve had the hardest time about “motherhood” I’d say it would have to be the whole understanding/comprehesive part of a child. Maybe I need to go and take a psychology class or something (though I did in college) but I just find it so frustrating when I’m getting my daugthers breakfast or lunch ready and she stands their screaming bloody blue murder like she is about to seriously drop dead right their at my feet, in the middle of our kitchen, from starvation!! Or how about when she wants more milk or food and she stands their and screams at me like the world is about to end. It’s the lack of patience that I don’t have but it’s the lack of verbal/comprehensive skills that they haven’t developed yet, ok I get that, I know it takes time, but how do parents get through these moments when at times I want to just say “I’m making your F***ing dinner as fast I can you pain in the a** child! LOL….but I love you!!!! What could I say or do that will finally make her understand that I’m doing everything I can and standing their whining, throwing a fit and throwing things is not going to get your beloved strawberries cut up and served to you on a silver platter any faster kid!!! LOL…..if anyone has any suggestions please do tell me! For the love of god help a mother out! Is their a secret??!!

After running into a fellow mommy friend I met through group at the park yesterday I am now trying to teach her the word “Help” so when she gets aggrevated because she can’t put her shoes on (she’s 18 mths she just can’t do that yet, but she wants to!) or when she screams from another room because Pup-Pup is up on the counter and she can’t reach him so screatching is what gets momma over to her to rescue him! And even when she because so frustrated from not being able to get something opened or a toy to work, instead of whining, making that god awful noise that sounds like nails on a chalkboard after listening to it all day long, she could simply just say “HELP” but I feel like it’s hopeless since her only vocabulary these days is mama, dada, daddy, and the new one, FINALLY, you ready for this…….her third actual word………is HI!!!!! LOL 🙂

So plenty of people told me that when your a mother you become a nurse, teacher, taxi driver, chef, maid, and an official ATM! However, no one told me that as a mother you need to be a mind reader, fortune teller, and a saint!!

It’s funny because when people are pregnant for the first time now a days I keep my mouth shut, I got so much advice, some great, some horrifying, some just plain rude so I choose to not be that person and because everyone handles motherhood differently I would never want to put something into someone’s mind so trust me when I say this is me venting. People say the benefits outweight the negative’s, but honestly, their are days when they just don’t, days upon days upon days for that don’t. She doesn’t talk yet or communicate with me, I can’t WAIT to be able to ask her what hurts, or sit down and have a tea party and know what she’s saying to Pup-Pup LOL!! I remember my best friend talking about how she wanted to be a SAHM mom, now granted this was years ago and she is no longer with her boyfriend but it’s odd how she suprisingly doesn’t want kids anymore, hmmmmmmmm wonder if it’s all the bitching I do! I sure hope not!

OK OK are you sick of listening to me complain? Saying come on Momma get on with what you cooked today! LOL….well today was a daycare day and hubby was doing some things after work for his mom so anything I could prep ahead of time while she was at daycare was a bonus, so I ventured back to the mashed cauliflower. I tried this awhile back and it was a disaster, I think it’s one of those dishes that you have to come to perfect. The first time I knew I didn’t cook it enough, this time I microwaved it in a little bit of water and garlic, so either I didn’t cook it quite enough or I didn’t cut off the rough stems enough because it had tiny chunks in it however it was SOOOOO tasty. So I’m rewriting the Cauliflower recipe I have posted here already. Click here for the actual recipe and some awesome pics I took today. Oh and please don’t forget to check out this Momma’s was featured and introduced today!!! AHHHH…!!! Already working towards my next feature next week! Stay tuned!

Also don’t forget to check out “O” for “O”melet for the A to Z Challenge! Yum I love my omelets I could eat one everyday! See how I make it healthier! Also, I a nice Family Day post I had to share…..too many cute pics of my boo not to! Stay tuned for “P” you are not going to want to miss this one!! Of course it’s Pork because this momma is mastering Pork!

Now………..remember yesterday I posted that recipe from the Common Man, Quinoa Pilaf?? That I prepared ahead of time for a nice Stuffed Squash for tomorrow? Welllllllllllllll I had it over my salad today and it was awesome!! I used a little low fat rasberry vinagrette and I thought it was very tasty and VERY filling!! I highly recommend it both ways! Tomorrow I’ll try the Stuffed Squash and post the rest for you guys! I hope it turns out at least half as good as the Common Man’s! Check it out!! How yummy does that look?

I ate every last bite! Here is a close up!