After a nice long weekend (hubs had yesterday off) and despite the way it started with Miss Maddie, Read about Boo’s first Boo-Boo here, we headed off yesterday for a nice family day. We started off at the park, walked about a mile, really trying to wear her out!! (Yes Pup-Pup came too!)

She only wanted to hold daddy’s hand!

We blew bubbles……….well daddy did!!

She picked flowers!

She discovered the dirt/mulch….gross!

And decided to bathe Pup-Pup in it……..And proceeded to put some in her hair!!

She ate her lunch and then we headed home for a nap.

Which of course didn’t exceed more than an hour and a half….ugh……I just can’t get that kid to give me more than an hour and a half to myself! And that’s on an odd day, usually it’s 45 min to an hour! I’m hoping this is a growth spurt and she’ll go back to 2-3 hours soon! So then we decided to try out the new mini pool that we bought her! LOL….

She absolutely loved it!!!! was a little hesitant at first, but decided she loved it… Had a blast for a good hour or so! Look at that belly LOL!!

Then we were off for a bite to eat outside with some ice cream!! YUMMY!! Yes Pup-Pup came are you surprised??
By the time we got home, she just wanted to go back out on the porch, but then it was time for night night!!

Now that to me is an awesome family day!! 🙂