I chose Omelet because well they are simple to make and you can customize them to however you’d like it based on what you like for veggies/meat. I always make an Omelet when I’m done my morning workout (ha when I workout) because it’s an awesome source of protein. I make mine with 1 egg and 2 egg whites and a splash of skim milk. I usually put veggies in mine and sometimes Canadian bacon! So simple to make and luckily for me my daughter loves eggs, however she doesn’t like anything in them LOL! This time I used two eggs and a little skim milk! Don’t forget to check out the beginning half of the alphabet for the A to Z Challenge!! Some good stuff!

So here we go, today I made an “O”mlet with mushrooms, green peppers, scallions, and reduced fat shredded cheese and Canadian bacon. YUMMY!!

I started with chopping my veggies first so they would be all ready to throw in.

Then I scrambled the egg, egg white and splash of skim milk in a separate bowl. I greased my frying pan and poured in my eggs first, the key to a good omelet is letting the egg settle for a minute or two before pouring in your ingredients. (see the lighter yellow around the rim of the omelet, that’s when I know it’s time to add the ingredients.

Then I added my ingredients on one half of the omelet. I let it sit until it’s cooked through, I test it by running my spatula around the edges and if no egg runs then you ready to fold it.

I still break them every now and again, but luckily while I was doing this one I was able to keep it together for you guys!

I wait a few minutes before flipping it so it will seal around the edges by using the curve of the pan. This is also a good time to season with S & P if you’d like.

Slide into onto your dish and wala, healthy breakfast!

Look at all that yumminess in their pouring out!