I mine as well make this bitch fest week LOL!! But in all fun, that and it helps me feel better when I have these crazy, insane, silly thoughts! Today my daughter decided to slap me in the face in the parking lot of Target!! Yup that was my kid LOL…It’s kind of funny because I know she’s only doing it out of pure frustration, I know this because it always happens after two things, one, when she doesn’t get what she wants, or two, when she’s trying to tell me or my husband what she wants but she can’t figure out a way to tell us (or we are just bad at guessing, who would have known I should have majored in charades…..) so she hits us, the good news is that it’s only me or my husband she is doing this to, well I hope. The bad news is, She hits hard!!!!! LOL.

Ok one more thing then I’ll move onto food, why is it that people in my condo complex feel the need to do things DIRECTLY underneath my daughters window…….wait for it………..wait for it…………… ONLY when she naps??? Seriously! Plowing, mowing the lawn, landscaping, fixing the dryer vent, or even fixing the sprinkler!! That’s just to name a few…..don’t these people understand that I only get roughly 45 minutes a day to clean, pick up the house, shower and get dinner ready…..that doesn’t include laundry days so she can’t wake any sooner than the 45 minutes people! And my husband had the audacity to ask me when the last time I dusted our picture shelf was! LOL, want to know my response? I said if it bothers you so much feel free to dive in!! Ha!! I’m chalking up the lack of a nap, early mornings and constant eating to a growth spurt, I just hope it stops soon because….. well I told Maddie she can’t grow anymore!!!!! End of story! But look at that cute picture above my title, my little chocolate face how can you resist that, yes we baked chocolate chip cookies for her daycare class tomorrow however I burnt them a bit because I was busy wiping up the iced tea she spilt!! LOL!!

OK here are some new recipes that I’ll be adding this week, in addition to all the other things I have to do because Featured Fridays starts next week!!! YAH!!! But I’ve had some awesome recipes that have come through one way or another and I’ve GOT to try them! Starting tonight with Acorn Stuffed Squash w/Quinoa Pilaf, Root Veggies and Chicken! YUM is all I have to say! This is the recipe from our favorite restaurant, The Common Man. Check it out!! Awesome pics!  This would also be an awesome dish for vegetarians if you just minus the chicken! It’s also gluten-free!! 🙂  I also suggest making the Quinoa Pilaf earlier in the day, it makes the rest of the meal easier to put together come dinner time!

I’d like to do Breakfast for lunch this coming Friday night, this recipe came through this morning and my mouth immediately began to water. It’s called Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Honey Cinnamon Butter……Oh my yumminess! This is from Juggling with Julia who’s blog I visit regularly. I have a feeling my daughter and hubby are going to love this one! I’m going to be making them with Healthy Hash brown Patties. It’s just a recipe I adapted through a few others but made healthier.

Another one that came across my path was Crusty Mustard Chicken. I have emails come in on a daily basis from my favorite blogs and this one came in last Saturday while we waited at Urgent Care with my daughter. LOL Yes that’s what happens when you have an I Phone I suppose! Thank you Christina from www.everydayeats.com I’m actually the scheduled Featured Co-Host next Thursday for It’s a Keeper Thursday with Christina! I’m super excited! So I’ll be trying this recipe over the weekend.

Proscuitto-Wrapped Filet Mignon, I’m cooking this one for my hubby this weekend for a Date Night 🙂 I think I may just splurge and go buy really good filets!! I got this recipe from www.tasteforcooking.com. I found it by doing a search because I finally ventured out there and bought prosciutto so now I’m going to use it…….Not quite sure what I’m going to make it with yet but I’m thinking some kind of Risotto and corn dish since it’s his favorite 🙂 So stay tuned for these recipes to come up soon!

Ok I have so many more however I better stop because I can only handle so many! The next few new recipes I’ll be introducing will be starting next the first week of May as I start introducing our Featured Co-Hosts and I start cooking their recipes! I can’t wait!

Ok fun time! Here are ten random things I’ve realized in the past week:

1.) Cooking really does calm me.

2.) My daughter has my hubby’s bum….sorry but it’s cute!

3.) The Clorox commercials seriously crack me up (the ones when someone is always doing potty…….somewhere!!)

4.) I really want to write children’s books, I just don’t have the confidence.

5.) My husband is a hard food critique.

6.) I seriously want to cook EVERYTHING!

7.) I can easily bang out $150.00 at Target.

8.) My baby is not a baby anymore 😦

9.) When I don’t have a certain ingredient….I make do…somehow!

10.) Comcast is still F*cking people. (If you remember the last 10 things I’ve realized…this was on their.)

OK how about some things that I’ve never eaten before or really want to make, just haven’t gotten around to it yet……seriously some of these things I can’t believe I haven’t made yet!

1.) Tuna Casserole

2.) Eggplant (never had it……should try it..)

3.) A Frittata (this will be very soon since I bought a oven proof skillet today!)

4.) A Pie…..(If I can’t bake cookies how am I going to assemble a Pie??)

5.) Egg Rolls ( I will be trying this VERY soon, I just don’t want to fry them!)

6.) Sangria (yes believe it or not this wino has never made this!)

7.) Fish (fish anything, besides tuna, NEVER EVER will I cook it.)

8.) Baked Beans (Never made my own beans from scratch, I hope my grandmother isn’t rolling over in her grave, she’d be so disappointed)

9.) Salsa (I really want to make my own Salsa)

10.) prosciutto (I’ll be crossing this one-off the list this weekend!!)